Patrick Rimond

Patrick Rimond

Paris, France

About Patrick Rimond

Born in France, 9 years in Japan.
Active contemplation.


After successful engineer studies in Paris, Patrick Rimond moved to Japan where he spent nine inspiring years. In Osaka, he fully dedicated himself to photography, exhibiting in galleries and also working for magazines. His Japanese portraits and urban landscape are straight and sensitive capture of reality. The subtlety of Japanese spirituality allowed him to find a backing to adjust his relationship to the world. Since he came back to Europe, besides his photographic series, Patrick Rimond experimented collaboration with other artists like dancers and musicians and plastic artists. He also performed and started to manipulate his photographic prints.


Since 1998, his photographs have been presented several times a year in exhibitions (Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz in Nogent-sur-Marne France, Museum of History of Photography in Krakow Poland, Dufay-Bonnet Gallery in Paris France, Plaza Gallery / Tokyo Art Museum in Sengawa Japan, Festival Promenades Photographiques in Vendôme France, KH15 Gallery in Berlin Germany…). His photographs gave birth to four monographic books including « HUDROS, d’eau et de béton » (2016, iKi Editions)


Patrick Rimond: « Watch the world and encounter its deepness. My practice of photography is first of all only contemplative. I look at the world intensely, be it landscapes or humans. I experience the distance with the outside world to situate myself. I photograph without judgment and without a priori in search of harmony. This ends up into neat compositions but without seeking the spectacular or the original. In the same research direction, I'm now interacting with the world through its representation by manipulating the prints.»