Pava Wülfert

Pava Wülfert

Bogotá, ., Colombia

About Pava Wülfert

Pava Wülfert was born in Ibague-Colombia. His work is strongly based in painting, sculpture and installation.
Recent practice addresses the painting as an experimental laboratory in which he can explore all his pictorial techniques.
His paintings play with combinations of inscriptions, fragment, diversity, heterogeneity, multiculturalism, interculturality, hybridization, mixture, recycling, migration, stains, error and lines as tools for the creation of a new concept of landscape and figure.
Pava Wülfert has had shows in Usa, Denmark, Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia.

Simple. Painting, space, sign, gesture, line, plane, color, surface, shape, point, stroke, sensations. Things.


UPC, Architecture, Bogotá, Colombia.


2021,MONDAY COLLECTION, return on art, Viena Austria
2021,BEIGE AESTHETIC.return on art, Viena Austria
2021,SPRING COLLECTION.return on art, Viena Austria
2021,Inspired by Bernar Venet,Singulart,Paris-Francia
2021, Loft in NY, Singulart,Paris-Francia
2021,Cosmos Of Light,Zeel Studio Gallery- Miami-USA
2020, Bright and Beautiful / Artling Gallery - Singapur, Singapur
2020, Large Artworks/ Artling Gallery - Singapur, Singapur
2020, Abstract Art / Artling Gallery - Singapur, Singapur
2020, Monochrome art / Singulart Gallery - Paris, Francia
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2018, Mekin, Saatchi art
2018, International Klein Blue, Saatchi art
2017,Achieving and undermining the avantgarde, Artual Gallery
2017, Fields of tension: the becoming of the point, Museum MUVIPA, Pachuca, Mexico.
2016,Drip, Drap, Scribble and Stain, Lawrence Fine Art ,East Hampton,NY
2016,Art Market Hamptons, Lawrence Fine Art ,NY
2016, III Iberoamerican Art Show ,Museum El centenario, Monterrey, Mexico.
2016, Art Hamptons, Lawrence Fine Art ,NY
2016, Bild, Owlstand Gallery, London, UK.
2015, MICRO, Centro Cultural Matadero, Huesca, España.
2015, All Things Abstract, Saatchi art
2015, Color Block Abstract, Saatchi art
2014, Imagen Regional 7, National Central Bank, Colombia. (Travelling Exhibition)