Peta Uthmeyer

Peta Uthmeyer

Torquay, Victoria, Australia

About Peta Uthmeyer

I like to create semi abstract figurative paintings focusing on color and surprising ways of using it. I feel it brings a freshness into everyday objects and making the painted of life my own. At the same time keeping things simple and pared back.
My color palette is determined by my love of strong warm colors that were sparked by my country background in the Mallee Region of country Victoria, Australia. A region that is hot and dry, those colors bring back the happy memories of long hot summers.
I work freely and only have a seed of an idea before I start, I let each painting evolve as I build up layers of paint allowing surprises to occur. Some paintings are spontaneous and resolve quickly, others take time and a process of letting go.
I have been painting for many years and am happiest when creating something new and always looking for the elusive 'best one yet.'
My paintings are a reflection of my love of color and creative ideas, nothing complex but hoping to bring some pleasure to the viewer.


Fine Arts Degree - La Trobe University


Arts Trail - Surf Coast Victoria.
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019


Tho Other Art Fair
Melbourne 2019