Peter Schipper

Peter Schipper

Soest, Netherlands, Netherlands

About Peter Schipper

I started my creative career as a designer in advertising. After working at a few advertising agencies in Amsterdam and later as a freelance designer, I founded my own advertising agency which I have managed for many years. I advised a wide range of companies and developed many creative concepts and design projects. Nevertheless advertising remains a form of ‘tied creativity’ and I always felt the desire for real creative freedom - especially painting. I started painting again in 1998 and it became an increasingly significant part of my life.

For a long time, I have been fascinated by the many forms of decay, which is the main theme in many of my paintings. For example, old, abandoned industrial buildings. They have no historical value and are often ruined, but they do have a fascinating gloomy beauty. However, due to increasing social contrasts in this world, the focus of my work has changed. It is not the buildings that are the major factor in my work, but rather man in his gloomy state of decay. In recent years my works - including recently large charcoal drawings - have become reflections on the current time with the rapid digital developments and the associated social behavior or the tension inside relationships, also forms of decay.


Expositie 'OnvoltooidVerledenTijd'; Galerie HazArt, Soest; 14 november t/m 20 december 2020
Solotentoonstelling De Klinker, Markt 3, Zeist; 12 februari t/m 30 juli 2020; schilderijen
Solotentoonstelling KunstenHuis Zeist, Egelinglaan 2b, Zeist; van 11 september t/m 6 oktober 2019; schilderijen en tekeningen
Duo-tentoonstelling met Chris Rodenburg (objecten); Kunstsaal van de Kunstverein Kreis Soest (Duitsland); 14 juni t/m 14 juli 2019;
Groepsexpositie Treff 2019; werk van 20 Nederlandse en 20 Duitse kunstenaars; Galerie HazArt, Soest; 25 mei t/m 29 juni 2019
Expositie bij Bakker & Spees, Amstel 141F, Amsterdam, zo’n 50 meter naast Theater Carré; 17 oktober 2018 t/m 17 januari 2019, samen met Chris Rodenburg
Kunst im Bunker 2018, 'Gesamtkunstwerk' met Chris Rodenburg, Bunker am Lütgen Grandweg, Soest - Duitsland; 15 juli t/m 26 augustus 2018
Galerie HazArt, expositie 'Verwantschap' 1 november 2017 t/m 20 januari 2018.
Groepstentoonstelling in Kerk van Heesselt (Betuwe) tijdens WaardArt, 23 - 30 september 2017.
Thematentoonstelling 'Macht und Pracht', Kunstkirche Josefshaus, Wettringen – D, zo. 3 - 10 september 2017.
Solo-expositie Cultureel centrum Artishock, Soest, 6 t/m 26 mei 2017.
Groepstentoonstelling Bretonse Impressies, Het Lichtruim, Planetenplein 2, Bilthoven, 25 aug. t/m 4 okt. 2016. Uitwisselingstentoonstelling Treff 2, Neue St. Thomä Kirche, Soest - Duitsland, 9 juli t/m 27 augustus 2016.