Peter Jablonski

Peter Jablonski

Mill Valley, CA, United States

About Peter Jablonski

Peter Jablonski has a been a successful selling artist for several years and continues to explore his passion. As a young boy from the small coastal town of Point Arena, California, Peter showed an early talent for drawing and other artistic endeavors. This energy and passion for art was temporarily put on hold as Peter actively participated in academics and sports before embarking on a subsequent eight year career in the merchant marines where he served as a third officer aboard containerships in the merchant marines. Upon retirement from the shipping world, he graduated from Columbia Business School and entered the world of Harlem real estate and commercial banking. At the same time, Peter continued to pursue his passion for art as another creative outlet. This, however, was not the only avenue he found to release this energy. In addition to painting, Peter has played acoustic guitar for many years. He was also a DJ for two years in Riga, Latvia and spent time doing ceramic work. It is important to make note of this journey, as every element of Peter's life influences the next, and is thus reflected in his artwork. Peter was inspired by renowned artists Peter Doig and Gerhard Richter. These individuals and others helped give Peter confidence in his own color aesthetic.

These photographs were shot using a large format 50 megapixel camera. This is especially useful for the large abstracts which are very glossy and nuanced which a normal camera cannot capture.




-2014: Mill Valley Public Library, CA solo show.

-2015: Solo show at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA

-2015: Falkirk Cultural Center juried show winner, San Rafael, CA

-2016: Revelation Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

-2017: Invited to display works at the Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

-2017: Marin County Fair winner, San Rafael, CA

-2017: NH2 gallery solo show, Novato, CA

-2017: Curated State show, San Francisco, CA

-2018: The Depot Cafe, Mill Valley, CA solo show


-San Rafael Joe's restaurant, San Rafael, CA. Over 20 pieces on permanent display.