Petra Wenzel

Petra Wenzel

Neu-Isenburg, Hessen, Germany

About Petra Wenzel

My name is Petra Wenzel (artist name "PeWe") and I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1957. I'm living and working (since 1984) in Neu-Isenburg.

I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with art as a form of therapy. For 20 years (1994-2014) I led a group against alcohol and pill addiction and we (my colleagues and I) showed the clients how to overcome their addiction with the help of art. Since then I have increasingly been living with my own creativity again.

After I had to retire early due to a muscle disease, I opened a small studio in Neu-Isenburg in 2015. In the atelier house "K39", in which my studio is also located, I met other working artists who also taught (2 of them) and me encouraged to continue on my own path. Also in 2015 she joined the Association for the Promotion of Independent Artists in Neu-Isenburg and in 2016 the Kunstverein Frankfurt e.V.

I have successfully participated in the local exhibitions since 2015.

I am mainly self-taught, but took lessons among others by Waltraud Stettin painting, Uwe Gillig, life drawing and modeling and Veronika Scherer, painting and composition.

In autumn 2019 I began to study at the Staedel-oriented Pedagogical Academy for Contemporary Art in Frankfurt am Main.

I like to experiment with colors and materials. I use acrylic and oil colors as well as pastels or oil pastels, watercolors or silk colors, ink and colored pencils, charcoal or graphite. The painting grounds currently consist mainly of canvas, cardboard, paper and wood.

Since 2019 I have been dedicating myself more and more to depicting faces and abstract landscapes. I loves to depict "character heads". "It is not the smooth lines of a young face that are interesting, but the wrinkles of an older person."

My animal pictures are mostly surreal and very colorful, with color playing a big role in all of her pictures.

My favorite painters are currently Claude Monet, William Turner, and from this century Veronika Scherer and Katie O 'Hagan..


2015-2018 Free acrylic painting (technique and color theory), teacher: Waltraud Stettin (painter), Neu-Isenburg, Germany. Also 2015-2018 nude drawing and modeling, Teacher: Uwe Gillig (painter, graphic artist, photographer), Neu-Isenburg, Germany.
Since 2020 painting and composition at Veronika Scherer (painter, artist, Neu-Isenburg)

Since autumn 2019 I'm studying at the Academy of Free Arts Frankfurt/Main.


2015 - "Art miracle bag", Neu-Isenburg
2015 - "Herbstsalon" in the Atelierhaus K39, Neu-Isenburg
2016 - "Art miracle bag", Neu-Isenburg
2016 - "Herbstsalon" in the Atelierhaus K39, Neu-Isenburg
2016 - Christmas Art Market Neu-Isenburg in the "House of the Lion"
2017 - art market Bad Schwalbach
2017 - "Herbstsalon" Atelierhaus K39, Neu-Isenburg
2017 - "Silent" foyer swimming pool, Neu-Isenburg
2018 - "Art Wonderful Bag", Neu-Isenburg
2018 - "Herbstsalon" in the Atelierhaus K39, Neu-Isenburg
2018 - "I" foyer swimming pool, Neu-Isenburg
2018 - Christmas Art Market, House of the Lion, Neu-Isenburg


Alle in Neu-Isenburg
2004 - at the fire station / 2015 - "End & Beginning", Bürgerhaus Neu-Isenburg-Zeppelinheim / 2016 - "Forbidden" Hugenottenhalle / 2017 - "Silent" foyer swimming pool / 2018 - "I" foyer swimming pool