Carl Knoderer

Carl Knoderer

Valencia, Valencia, Spain

About Carl Knoderer

I was born in Mexico City, due to different life circumstances I have lived in Mexico City, New York and currently, I am living in Spain for almost 17 years in (Valencia City) from where I have the opportunity to travel through almost all of Spain, Morroco, and many European countries.
I like to photograph the human relationship with its natural and urban surroundings sometimes with a surreal touch and I consider my style as abstract and documentary approaching subjects like People, nature, urban.

Humans need to participate to change the world for better and we need a sustainable exchange with nature, with my photography I intend to show the human-nature relationship with my personal perspective of things.


I have mostly learned from trial and error with which I feel like a self-taught photographer.
Photography specialization with the Michigan University.


"Medina Roma Arte" Gallery at Rome, “Kαιρός - The crucial moment”
Curated by "Virginia Bazzechi"