Pierre Fauret

Pierre Fauret

Toulouse, Occitanie, France

About Pierre Fauret

I currently live and work in Toulouse, SW France, the region where I was born in 1963..
Trained as a scientist I practised for some time as a part-time veterinary surgeon.
As a self-taught artist (thanks to all those who helped and guided me), my first works were marble and bronze sculptures of wild animals - my ambition at the time was to produce objects of beauty.
Then my scientific background and a better knowledge of art history drove me to explore the living and artistic worlds more deeply, together with the need to “use” animals to represent various facets of human behaviour.
Thus appeared animal, anatomical and organic figures for which metamorphosis and hybridization are often central themes.
While I like to work with different mediums and materials depending on my creational purpose, wax has come to predominate for me in both sculpture and painting.
I also currently work with artist Luc Laumet, one notable example being our recent Drawing correspondence: 260 drawing exchanged beetween 14 December 2016 and 5 December 2017
You can learn more about my work at http://pierrefauret.com/


May/June 2018 : « Dessins croisés 1+1+1+1… » Duniya gallery, Muret – Fr (with artist Luc Laumet)
Sept 2018 : « Dessins croisés 1+1+1+1… » La ligne bleue gallery, Carsac-Aillac – Fr (with artist Luc Laumet)


Personal exhibitions
March 17-18/2018 : In the studio, Toulouse – France
When the form disappears into another
L’Atelier Blanc, Villefranche-de-Rouergue
BBman®, hasta siempre… Espace culturel 3, Sarlat
Quelque chose d’animal, 12èmes Nuits de Lauzerte
BBman® The explorer II, Le Studiolo gallery, Paris
St’art, Strasbourg contemporary art fair, Le Studiolo
St’art , Strasbourg contemporary art fair, Le Studiolo
BBman® The explorer I, 8èmes nuits de Lauzerte
Natural History ?, Le Rire bleu gallery, Figeac – Fr
Leçons de Choses, Bishops’ Palace, Saint Lizier
with "A toast to Marcel " dance show chorégraphed by Claire Amiet
Terre d'Ombre gallery / Marlyse Calame, Sommières-Vence
The sheep - Eterso gallery, Paris

Collective exhibitions

Pop up, Duniya gallery, Muret
Envisager une voix, La Menuiserie, Rodez
Danser Baudelaire, performance (with Luc Laumet) L’Atelier Blanc, Villefranche-de-Rouergue
CARNE, contemporary art tour, Paris
Auz’arts, contemporary art tour, Auzeville
BBman® Picto Lab’s 20th birthday, Toulouse
Slick art fair, Defrost gallery, Paris
Du réel au possible, Philippe Cognée / Pierre Fauret, Cahors
Volatiles, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse
Salon de l’estampe et de la gravure, Le Studiolo gallery, Paris
Impossible to capture, Defrost gallery, Paris
Global tribes, Monkdogz gallery/Le Studiolo gallery, NewYork
Une archéologie de la ville, Henri Martin Museum, Cahors
Metz art fair, Le Studiolo gallery
SAG contemporary art, Anvers - Belgium
Canton Art Fair, Le Studiolo gallery, China
Animalités, Georges Pompidou Art Center, Cajarc
Sculptures, what’s up ?, Le Rire bleu gallery
L'Art est ouvert, Sarlat
Le Rire bleu gallery, Figeac
Les Abattoirs, MOCA, Toulouse (Joël Hubaut exhibition)
Borély Museum, Méditerranée, Marseille
In the sign of the sheep, Delmenhorst Stadtmuseum - Germany
Art Jonction art fair, le Rire bleu gallery, Nice
Méditerranée hic et nunc, 15 artists’ environments, Monaco
Beaubourg gallery, Château Notre Dame des Fleurs, Vence
Mac 2000, Grand Palais, Paris

Public collections

French National Assembly cultural fonds, Paris
St Sernin Basilic, Toulouse
Tarn & Garonne General Council, France
French Lot department Art library, France
Delmenhorst Stadtmuseum, Germany
City of Nanning, China