Sergey Piskunov

Sergey Piskunov

Kyiv, Ukraine

About Sergey Piskunov

A burst of emotion, forcing the artist to turn inside out his soul and leave it on the canvas – that’s how the Ukrainian artist Sergey Piskunov sees the work of his life. Hyper-realistic paintings, possessing their own charm and character, children of unique inspiration – they like no other reflect the inner state of their creator, the depth of his personality, exposing him to the outside world. Today the works of Sergey testify his talent not only in Ukraine, but also in Germany, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and many other countries.
Sergey was born on 9th April 1989 in Ukraine. It’s not for nothing that childhood is considered almost the most important stage of human life. It is during this period that a person learns to understand himself, there is the emergence of his personality and the manifestation of individuality. It was drawing to be the passion of Sergey’s childhood. In the school, he used to draw on everything that could be used for this purpose: on the fields of notebooks, on the desk etc. And even though the teachers insistently advised him to develop such a talent in the art school, he didn’t visit it once.
The next stage in the life of Sergey led him away from the creative path. In 2007, he entered the Ukrainian Academy of Customs and finished it in 2012, receiving the diploma of computer system engineer, after what he started working as IT engineer. But our life mission prescribed by fate isn’t able to leave a person under any circumstances. It isn’t accidental that during the 3rd year of study a person very close to Sergey presented him brushes and oil paints. It was this gift that awakened the dormant need to manifest himself through drawing.
In the beginning, the creative searches of oneself were charged with the inspiration, that Sergey took from the works of masters of impressionism and surrealism. That’s why in the first paintings are so noticeable the notes of these styles. As a result, Sergey fully revealed himself in hyperrealism. This is the style that helps him to be competitive with himself, and approve creative skills during all the time.
Hyperrealism is the style in which there is no much space to be original, which makes possible to make unique not only every artist, but every single painting. The works live their own lives, misleading people and forcing them to believe in the illusion of photography, so that later allow them to unravel every brush stroke, carried out by the artist on the canvas.
Sergey Piskunov is the embodiment of a free artist, independent of market trends, whose faithful compass and guide is the perception of the world through the prism of his own inspiration and talent.


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2011 — personal exhibition, Dnipro
2012 — personal exhibition, Dnipro
2012 — charity exhibition, Kovel
2012 — Art Hall Gallery, Kiev
2013 — Museum of Hetmanate, Kiev
2013 — Personal Exhibition, Kovel
2013 — New Gallery, Kiev
2013 — group exhibition, Kiev
2013 — international Art Project, Kiev
2013 — New Natura Morta, Kiev
2013 — «Neo-Still Life», Expo Centre, Kiev
2013 — Palace of Art, Lviv
2013 — Labyrinth, Expo Centre, Kiev
2013 — Heritage, Expo Centre, Kiev
2013 — exhibition of paintings Personal View, Art Development Foundation, Kiev
2013 — Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine
2013 — charity exhibition, Kovel
2013 — Independent Dependence, Expo Centre, Kiev
2013 — gallery «Lavra», Kiev
2014 — Kraft Foods, Kiev
2014 — group exhibition, Berlin
2015 — Zoom Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015 — Week of ART, London
2015 — Art Affordable, Singapore
2015 — art project, M17 Gallery, Kiev
2016 — Museum Kavaleridze, Kiev
2016 — charity art-project CAN!, Kiev
2016 — Artbox Gallery, Switzerland
2017 — 101 Gallerie, Mexico
2017 — Zoom Gallery, Tel Aviv
2018 — Bartoux Gallery, Paris
2018 — Platinum Gallery, USA
2019 — Miami Art Week, Artbox projec - finalist
2019 — Center of Modern Art, Yantai
2020 — Finalist of Circle foundation of the Arts, Artist of the year award