Thomas Demuth

Thomas Demuth

Hamburg, hamburg, Germany

About Thomas Demuth

I call myself a digital alchemcial artist. The computer ist my oven where i enter the ingredients. The software is the fire and the glow in which everything is melted together, so that the gold of the soul can emerge at the end.

Thomas Demuth is a 3d artist from Germany and uses 3d rendering software to create photo-abstract images based on polygon mesh structures. He calls his style “Polygonismus”, and the concept behind this style “The Economy of Polygons”. It is a dramatic and profound style that gives the artist’s work psychological depth and photo-abstract intensity at the same time.

In a world of a constantly increasing resolution, he is taking polygons back to their own beginning. This is the world where mathematics and algebra meet the sense of creativity.


3d Designer A.E.P Hamburg 2002


u. a. 2003 - Cafe36 in der Großen Freiheit, 2004 - Meisterschwaden (Schweiz )2007 - “White Cube Gallery” Second Life, 2007-2008 Elb-Art Hamburg Alter Elbtunnel, 2009 – 2012 Vision Sternwarte (Sternwarte Hamburg Bergedorf), 2011 Galerie RIMAJU Hamburg , Grosse Elbstrasse, Artclub Köln, ArtSpace Galerie Milos Tichy Köln Erfstadt (Zwei Welten / Neosurrealismus), Paper New England, Hartford USA, 2012-15 Kunstaltonale Hamburg, 2013 - Vienna Travel Gallery / Gruppenausstellung über Crossart International, Galery Display Köln / Gruppenausstellung über Crossart International, 2015 - Im Netz der Kunst (Kulturbunker Köln Mühlheim / Köln 2014 + 2015 +2016 „Hamburg zeigt Kunst und Design“ (Hamburg Fischauktionshalle)