Kevin Patterson

Kevin Patterson

laurel, MD, United States

About Kevin Patterson

Kevin Patterson is a self taught visual artist and designer based in Southern Maryland who's work focuses on themes of unity, sacrifice, and liberation. Through use of various media such as pastels, acrylic and oil paints, oil markers and inks, each painting is brought to life.

Contemporary artist Kevin Patterson has harbored a penchant for portraying both sides of the coin since he began expressing through visual means and learned to appreciate the beauty of contrast. Born and raised just outside of Washington, DC, he spent a fair amount of his time in the city, and it would be here where he would develop a love and understanding of just how different life is for those separated by no more than 5 miles. This understanding lead to his fascination with seeking out the oddities and 'secrets' life has to offer and, rather fittingly, portraying them in an abstract manner. 


Self Taught


May 9 2018 - Adam Plant, 'This is Life Now Issue 1'
Dec 26 2018 - Eric Polise, 'PUPPET MASTER Issue 1'
Feb 20 2019 - Jordan Alexander, 'Lizard Swamp Issue 1'


RAW New York City: Impact 2019