Preach Amour

Preach Amour

Josselin , Brittany, France

About Preach Amour

My signature is four dots.

I was born in Goondiwindi, Australia and enjoyed a wild childhood on the land, dangerous and beautiful.

When I was 17, my Father died suddenly and I decided to travel. Canada; England; Tahiti; France; Indonesia; New Zealand; America; Spain; Ibiza.

I have found my home now in Brittany, France (with the worst of winter hopefully spent in Tahiti).
I am creating and planting a 7 acre bio food forest where there was once no trees. Now I am known and loved by the nature here, especially in hunting season, when all take refuge behind my ' No Hunting' sign!

I paint to capture the uncapturable and to deepen the mystery. To end hunger and to end war. To return Heaven to Earth! 😁


My Mother has always been painting and sculpting. I was born an artist and my journey has only ever just begun.

I chose to not have formal training so that I could find my own style.

I now live and paint in my world where greed was never a human gene, where everyone has everything. Where the world is already saved.


All of my exhibitions.


Freemantle. Australia
Manly. Sydney.
Melbourne...Leonard Joel.
Brisbane...The Red Hill Gallery
The Hunter Valley...Gallery Tango
Tahiti...Hotel Puunui...Taravao.
Spain...Cadaques...(Hometown of Salvador Dali)...Galleria Tresoro
Castlemaine Australia
Bendigo Australia