Creature I Drawing by Bernhard Gaul

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Art Description

Drawing: Colour Pencil, Yacht Varnish, Pencil, Paper, Wood on Paper, Wood.

Part of a set of drawings (Creatures I + II)

These drawings are by-products of a study into the aesthetics of Lynn Chatwick and a few other British post-war sculptors, which a critic at the time termed The Geometry of Fear. The term is not totally conclusive. Apart from the fact that the sculptures in question show some general spikiness, the question arises if it has not more to do with the circumstances of the viewer (that is the shattered world at the time, the future uncertain) than the intrinsic nature of the objects, which could instil the proclaimed sensation of fear.

These creatures, too, could be friendly, but it appears that at least one of them, some kind of fish maybe, but blind with a beak and laying eggs like a bird, may instil unease, which (again) may have to do with the simply unknown as a reminder of the fact that our knowledge of the world, which after all we depend on, is limited and can fracture.

The drawings were featured in the artists’ folder for the exhibition Founding Fant at Ormston House, Limerick in May 2013, taking inspiration form a historic festival in Limerick. The drawings, in this context, relate to the universal nature of spectacles as collective explorations of the new or unknown, in which we share both the excitement and fear of encountering the afore unseen, edging our way towards re-consolidation of a cracked view of a world, which may hold new horrors or – new possibilities.

The drawings were exhibited at the Identify (Group Exhibition, Dundalk, Ireland; July 2013)



Creature I

Bernhard Gaul



Size: 21.9 W x 22 H x 1.2 in

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