Identity Installation by Yvette van den Boogaard

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Art Description

Installation: Textile, Fabric, Paper on Paper, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

Today I’m meeting Yvette, an emerging artist based in The Netherlands. She is known for her robust abstracts imbued with female grace, but mainly for her love of experimenting; as she is continuously reinventing herself as an artist. It took some time to convince her to do the interview in her studio, as she prefers neutral ground – a little bistro would have been her pick. However, after explaining to her that the reader wants a glimpse of her studio and her life, she finally gave in, albeit reluctantly so.

In the email conversation (I tried to phone her, but she doesn't like talking on the phone) we had weeks before this meeting she was very open and friendly, but frequently showed her concern about me coming to her studio with a photographer to shoot her portrait and studio life. She agreed to do it if the magazine let her life partner join the interview for her piece of mind. The magazine agreed, as he is an artist as well, who recently won an art award.

Today I am finally here in Biervliet, meeting the mystery called Just Yvette. When I arrive I find the studio door unlocked and in the background I hear strange sounds, rumbling, and cursing. Carefully I knock on the door (strangely there is no doorbell) to announce my presence. "Yes, one moment!” a female voice shouts. And indeed, shortly after, a little woman dressed all in black appears to let me in. "Sorry for the mess" she says as she sees my amazed face. "Oh my god”, I say out loud, "What happened here? Has your house been burglarized?" The floor is covered in books, papers, photos… cupboards are open – total disorder! "No, no", she cries softly, "I'm looking for something and it is driving me mad." Upset by her sadness, I offer to help her search. While obviously touched by my gesture, she gives me an it’s-no-use-smile.

"What is it you’re looking for?" "My identity!" she answers. “Oh, have you lost your passport?" "No dear, my identity! I haven’t got the faintest idea who I am!"



Yvette van den Boogaard



Size: 19.7 W x 27.6 H x 0.4 in

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