Pulsar (Part of the project "Evolution") Installation by Vladimir Andreev

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Art Description

Installation: Interactive, Digital, Kinetic, Wood on Wood, Steel, Plastic, Sound.

This work is inspired by nature and technology. How can I describe the animal's movement through the language of mechanics? How can I describe the mysterious depths of the sea using the physics of wood and metal?
Installation can be equipped with motion sensor and remote control. During the movement of the tentacles happens dimming lamps. When the tentacles of "closed" - comes off the light. When they "reveal" the light is turned on at full power. The remote can control the dimming phase. That is, stop motion Pulsar at a time when they reach the required level of illumination/


Pulsar (Part of the project "Evolution")

Vladimir Andreev



Size: 787 W x 787 H x 590 in

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