Art Muse Witch Artwork by Faustus Crow

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Art Muse Witch

Faustus Crow

New Media

Size: 6000 W x 4500 H x 0.1 in

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Art Muse Witch

Faustus Crow


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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

The Thirty-third Succubus archeype of the Fallen Anima, who is listed within the grimoire, entitled the Goetia, is mantra named, Gaap. She is considered to be a Great President and a Mighty Princess.

She appears of Surrealist vision unto a lucid dream, when the Sun is in some of the Southern Signs, looking like the Toltec Goddess of guilty pleasures, named Tlazolteotl, who is also known as the Goddess of Witches.

Tlazolteotl is known to inspire carnal acts, the Aztecs to have seen as being sinful. She has four Anima aspects who are depicted riding broomsticks and wearing pointed hats, just like the stereotypical European depiction of Witches, except that they are shown as being naked.

The name of Gaap originates from the ancient Norse, Ginnungagap, describing a vaginal abyss/void, which is experienced when initially accessing hypnagogic trance.

Gaap's seal of a meditation symbol is depicted in the Artwork, which of associated colour coding is derived from the classical Goetia.