Fallen Angel Mephistophina 2 Artwork by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

Praised for their innovative and anarchic reinvention of the classics, The Austin Osman Spare (AOS) Company propels Christopher Marlowe’s and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's legendary tales of Doctor Faustus into the here and now in an explosive Chaos Magic production starring 'Animus' fixation Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) as Faustus Crow, in his long-awaited return to the London stage:

Scene III [An Art Studio.] Enter the Mad Sorcerer Artist FAUSTUS CROW, who to Performance Art conjure, likened to Joseph Beuys, of Happening style.

FAUSTUS CROW: Now leave behind the mundane shadows of a tortured society, blindly raping the Earth as its owned property, where the oily parasitical ticks forever war over their Lilliputian 'Animus' cults; yet, their third-wave Feminist politics does castigate my Art as being Entartete Kunst, to totalitarian berate, or fascist censor.

So be it! Degenerate rebellion then, against the Witches inability to control their own conjured 'Animus,' birthing patriarchal self-righteous hypocrisies!

If they call it their art, enforced through their social justice warrior thought police, then mine be Berserker anti-Art,

Readying to Werewolf manifest imaginative form upon a Palaeolithic cave wall, to that of present canvas,

This Wode blue paint upon a brush stroke, does ejaculate of its own wand accord,

Automatic painting, my pentagram hand is otherworldly guided,

Faustus, begin thine rebellious incantations, now,

And try to seer if these Succubi archetypes of the the Fallen 'Anima,' will obey thy visualised Fifty Shades Of Grey dominations,

Seeing thou hast howled and sacrific’d to these Tarot Art Muses to bind them.

Within this circled Art studio is Lilith’s name, wrote of spilt wine upon the chequerboard floor, which to make worker Bee Jackson Pollok, himself, Free-Mason jealous,

Forward and backward around the altar of easel, to alter its wood of world tree,

The Muse names of salacious Art Models to conjure as my juicy 'Anima' apples to Tarot bite into,

Their degenerate figures of every Felicien Rops manifestation I have sketched, painted, to that of CGI renderings around the Ouroboros.

And characters of Hans Bellmer doll signs, and their erring stars drawn within my Playboy Grimoire,

By which the Succubi Great Old Ones of the Fallen 'Anima' legions are Necronomicon enforc’d to arise;

Then fear not, Faustus, but be resolute in your Love-Craft; hold thy palette knife of a sword ever erect,

And try the uttermost Sorcery, can Salvador Dali perform of surrealist Art.

Be propitious to me, Mares of the painted night!

May the Fallen Anima prevail! Succubi Art Muses of sensory raptures, elemental of Fire, Air, Water; hail!

Belzebubba, Princess of the East, Witch Queen of burning visions... and retinal-delight Demigorgon sorceress, I propitiate ye, that Mephistophina may appear, and rise.

Why dost thou delay, infernal Muse?

By Lilith's Maya red womb, and her bloody menstrual wine, which now I drink, and this five sense sign of the Pentagram, which now I make, inverse into trance, I to drunkenly slide, and by my howling Mantra...

May Mephistophina now summoned by me, to pose for my artistry, arise!”

Enter [MEPHISTOPHINA] appearing like a Genie out of a bottle, who manifests amidst the Triangle Of Art as a wayward Witch Nun...

MEPHISTOPHINA: Ah, now, you greatly please me.

I hope we’ll get along really fine together:

To drive away the gloomiest of Orwellian climate change weather,

See, I’m dressed like a young convent Nun,

In a politically incorrect black snake-skin fetish habit,

In a little silk-lined Gothic wimple,

It does make your cock-erel bulge, I do spy,

As I Muse pose for your arcane artistry,

Riding me as your Tantric hen,

Your long, pointed sword,

I will very soon, plant, within my hungry Dakini scabbard,

And I advise you, at that,

To do as I do, in a Coitus Pactum word:

So that, footloose, fancy free,

You can experience Surrealist Life, with me.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE: Kit Harington will unfortunately be unable to play the part of Faustus Crow due to him being hospitalised by adoring groupie Witches on his first night, when he revealed his oiled up pectoral's.

Faustus Crow will otherwise be played by the Great Beast acting sensation, Danny DeVito.

As before, Mephistophina is being played by the Maleficent Babalon of Horrorwood, Angelina Jolie."

NOTE: The tattoo upon Mephistophina's left shoulder is a traditional grimoire sigil, which is attributed to Mephistopheles. The parchment shown amidst the Triangle Of Art, upon the floor depicts the seal of MEPHISTO_PHILES. The seal is derived from the 1527 Praxis Magia Faustiana, which is said to have been authored by Faust.




Fallen Angel Mephistophina 2

Faustus Crow

New Media

Size: 5700 W x 7200 H x 0.1 in

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