Kaos Unitarian Nuns Templar Artwork by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

The fifty sixth succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima is mantra named Gremory, who is listed in the grimoire, entitled the Goetia.

Gremory is somewhat of a symbolic rarity, who is described as manifesting as a woman within visions and ensuing dreams, although it is also stated that this (archetype) spirit is actually male in disguise.

Apart from the strange logic, the reason for the symbolic diversion from the overall Animus fixation of the Goetia, and other grimoires of Playgirl similarity, may be due to an occult blind.

Gremory is also described as riding a Camel. The Camel is associated with the Hebrew letter Gimel, which in English is the letter 'G' as used in Freemasonry. Gimel is ascribed to the thirteenth path of the Cabbala. The path of Gimel passes through a hidden sphere called Da'at, which is associated with the Tarot card of the High Priestess.

Da'at, means belief, which physiologically correlates with the reptilian-brain-stem. The symbolism of the Camel correlates with the reticular activating system, which is situated along the length of the reptilian-brain-stem.

The High Priestess is traditionally seated between two pillars, which correlates with the two nerve fibres of the autonomic-nervous-system running along either side of the spinal column.

The central nerve of the spine is that of the central-nervous-system, which is associated with the High Priestess who holds a book upon her lap, which can be seen as being a grimoire, like that of H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon.

It is very likely that the name of Gremory is derived from the term, grimoire, which is essentially a tome of 'beliefs.' The beliefs are primarily symbolic. The (Da'at) reptilian-brain-stem thinks in symbols, not words, which is directly connected to your eyes.

Although words do conjure up associative images within your Triangle Of Art imagination; wherein your 'inner eye' perceives what is being conjured, and in turn understanding what is being spoken of a mantra, or grimoire written.

In other words, when being symbolically triggered by a work of Art, which generates an emotively reactive state of (Sacred) attraction or (Profane) repulsion the reptilian-brain-stem reacts first before other parts of your brain do so. This neurological understanding is utilised by neuro-marketing/neuro-advetising.

The sphere of Da'at is accessed via the twin pylons of the High Priestess, who symbolises hypnagogic trance, which is represented by the seventh Gebo (G) Rune 'X' of 'Crossbones.' (Light trance can be induced in the collective populace by bombarding them with repetitive propaganda.

Hypnagogic trance is the power of hypnotism; the most effective means to achieve mass-hypnosis is by utilising shock-hypnosis, which can be induced via a false-flag-event.

In ancient times the experience of hypnagogic trance was symbolised as the vaginal orifice, which allowed ingress into the womb dream; hence you have the symbolism of the Sheela na Gigs revealing their (Kaos Unitarian Nuns Templar) vulva over church doors and windows.

As for the Nightgaunt symbolism of Bat wings, the Bat refers to its domain of a cave and that of the womb dream, and in turn that of the High Priestess who correlates with the symbolism of the Nun.

Whatever you experience internally will be determined by the Da'at beliefs, which are housed within your Grimoire temple/church of a 'Skull.'

(The seal/sigil of Gremory and that of its associated colour coding is derived from the classical Goetia.)




Kaos Unitarian Nuns Templar

Faustus Crow

New Media

Size: 5700 W x 7200 H x 0.1 in

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