Lara Croft Dinosaur Artwork by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

“Ronove, a Marchioness and a Witch Countess, She rides a monster as her broome stick. Her ghost bringeth singular understanding in rhetorike, faithfull servants, knowledge of toongs, favour of freends and foes; and nineteene legions of Witches obeie her.”

Pseudomonarchia Succubi Daemonum – Johann Weird (1583)

“As a Marchioness and Countess of Hell’s Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art school, Ronove controls nineteen legions of ‘Anima’ emanation Art Muses. She appears as a Witch riding a dinosaur and teaches Necronomicon languages.”

Dictionnaire Succubae Infernalis – Collin de Plancie (1863) updated in, The Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo by Erin C. Donohoo (2012)

“The Twenty-seventh Succubus of the Goetia is Ronovea. She appears as a time travelling palaeontologist riding a raptor amidst the Triangle Of Art Imagination of a conjuring surrealist Artist.

When to manifest within a microcosmic virtual reality lucid dream as an inspiring Art Muse, looking like a tomb raiding Lara Croft, she teaches the Art of how to influence the reptilian-brain-stem of the masses via the Witch Art of neuro-advertising.

She also bestows raptor chick dream servitors, knowledge of how words instantly conjure up associative symbols within the subconscious realm of dreams, and setting up macrocosmic synchronicities concerning favours with friends or foes.

She is a Marchioness and Great Countess; and there be under her Witch command nineteen legions of (Succubae) Succubi Art Muses. Her seal is to be meditated upon by the Surrealist Artist before conjuring her Art Muse presence into a video game lucid dream."

My Life With The Succubi: The Tantric Dream Adventures of a Surrealist Magician – Lon Mellow DuQueete, Weizzer Books, 1999.




Lara Croft Dinosaur

Faustus Crow

New Media

Size: 5700 W x 7200 H x 0.1 in

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