Little girls in peasant costume Artwork by Giuseppe Cocco

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Art Description

New Media: Watercolor, Digital, Paint, Paper, Photo on Aluminium, Canvas, Paper, Other.

What has inspired the job?
The history of the inhabitants of Jenne, a village perched on a rocky spur on the Aniene valley, just above the Sacred Speech of Saint Benedict, a lump of houses with 366 inhabitants in the heart of the Simbruini Mountains Park, has always been a life Linked to sheep farming and mountain farming. Like mountain shepherds, they carried their herds along the transhumance paths that often carried them on the coastal plains of Lazio. Thus, over time, some of them have abandoned transgender life and have become firmly settling down to the valley. This is the story of a farmer owning a fund in Ladispoli. The bottom, planted with olive trees and grain, houses a two-stage feast annually: the first calls from Jenne the old farmers who traditionally recieve the falcon, the ears of golden grain, singing and dancing at the sound of the organ ; The second, is the threshing feast in the square in front of the church of Jenne, with the use of an old motorbike.

What do you hope its viewers feel / think?
My work wants to return emotions and beauty, hoping to excite those who look at them

Why did you choose the medium, the object, the style?
Ascetic artist, slow by birth and by choice, live journey work slowly, practicing creative leisure; I walk slowly, meditatively. Contemplative, always alert with 5 senses + 2 heart and mind; The camera always in my pocket allows me to take notes every time there is something that strikes me and excites me

After forty years of photographic activity, I returned to the old love of the aquapark I practiced at the time of art school.
Today, photography has become narrow, in a world of overdose of photographic images, weird ugly nonsense. Thanks to the new digital media, to the contamination of pictorial graphic arts, even in the ability to return the particulars of photography, in my artistic work, from the emotional photographic shot, and back to the impressionist technique to capture en plein air Both the details as impressions and emotions given by shapes, volumes, lights, shadows, contrasts, colors and shades created by natural light, and returned through electronic strokes.


Little girls in peasant costume

Giuseppe Cocco


New Media

Size: 10.6 W x 16 H x 0 in

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