Portal to the new earth Artwork by Przemyslaw Stanuch

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Art Description

New Media: Fractal, 3D Sculpting, Algorithmic Art, Vector on Stone.

Weight: 1.5 kg
Dimensions: L:9 "W:7,5" H:5"

"Are you ready to leave hatred, denial, prejudice, stereotypes, envy, jealousy, love to money and material things and be open to unconditional love for everything and everyone? To help others and build a new better world of equality, respect and happiness? This year 2016 is Considered to a year of judgments and choices and every of us will have to make a choice whether to stay in the old world or move and create new one"

It is completly handmade polymer clay sculpture. Every my creation is unique, never cast molded or replicated. The process begins with a wood board base over which polymer clay is sculpted. After adding texture and tiny details I bake the whole sculpture in the oven to harden. After this step all elements are solid and strong. Over it I add diorama elements like static grass, bushes and flowers

In this sculpture I used two big natural polished agate bookends from Brazil and white and grey normal stones. Agate is a stone of relaxation, calm, cleaning, balance, meditativeness, vitality, grounding, pain relief, and balancing Yin and Yang energies. It stimulates analytical abilities, awakes hidden latent talents, strengthens the sight, helps with stress, and stabilizes the aura.

Sculpture is signed and dated at the bottom and comes with certificate of authenticity and care/handling instructions.

Despite appearances these sculptures travel extremely well. I wrap them in large amount of thick soft foam to secure tiny details, then I put it in the large box coated inside in many layers of bubble wrap, over it I fill remaining space with biodegradable peanuts so the sculpture cannot move in the double wall box.

Other images, different angles of this piece are on the left panel.

360° View video of this sculpture here:



Portal to the new earth

Przemyslaw Stanuch


New Media

Size: 9 W x 5 H x 7.5 in

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