Samsara Artwork by Marin Minev

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Art Description

New Media: Fractal, Algorithmic Art, Digital, Color, New Media on Canvas, Paper.


"Samsara" is a word in sanskrit that denotes a continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth and the cyclic nature of existence. While it can refer to natural principles like the change of seasons or the shift of tides, in philosophical and spiritual terms it signifies a state of aimless drifting, where one has forgotten his true purpose and direction in life and thus cannot fulfill the original intentions of the soul for this incarnation.
When a person becomes entangled in the illusions of physical reality, he is destined to repeat the same mistakes again and again, entraping him in a vicious cycle of death and reincarnation, without memory or knowledge of his true origin and self.
It is through spiritual development and the purification of consciousness that the endless loop can be broken, thus liberating man from the painful shackles of false living.





Marin Minev


New Media

Size: 66.1 W x 93.7 H x 0.8 in

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