Secret of the Golden Flower Artwork by John Clark Matthews

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Art Description

New Media: Airbrush, Fractal, Digital, Manipulated, Photo on Paper.

Inspired by “The Secret of the Golden Flower“, a Chinese Taoist classic about neidan (inner alchemy) meditation translated by Carl Jung.

This is a Symbolist work, a dream vision inspired by Jung’s writing:

[…] “Hun” [Animus] means "cloud-demon," a higher "breath-soul" belonging to the yang principle and therefore masculine. After death, hun rises upward and becomes shen, the ‘expanding and self-revealing’ spirit or god. […]

“P’o” [Anima] written with the characters for "white" and for "demon", that is, “white ghost“, belongs to the lower, earth-bound, bodily soul, the yin principle, and is therefore feminine. After death, it sinks downward and becomes kuei (demon), often explained as the "one who returns" (i.e. to earth), a revenant, a ghost. ~Carl Jung

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Secret of the Golden Flower

John Clark Matthews

United States

New Media

Size: 30 W x 20 H x 0.1 in

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