VLADRUSHKA - A Summer Night at the World Eaters Club (After Pasolini)- Print 1:Color Edition Artwork by John Linton Roberson

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Art Description

New Media: Digital on Other.

This is the most complicated single piece I have done to date. Measuring 14.87"x 30" and representing 22 weeks of work, it is my first try at deep perspective and a crowd scene. There are about 50 different figures in this piece, and it depicts a scene to come in a Vladrushka epic I am scripting, which will be available to my Patreon subscribers. In a way it's a development/concept illustration. The ink and color, though all by hand, are all digital, done in Clip Studio on a Huion tablet over scanned pencils. And as alluded to in the subtitle, inspired partly by Pasolini's SALO.

In this, my longtime character Vladrushka has been invited to the exclusive Summer Solstice Dinner of the famous, yet mysterious World Eaters Club. Most assume it to merely be an elite culinary society.

In fact. the event is a an unhinged carnal and even murderous orgy of cruelty and death for the pleasure of the wealthiest, most powerful people on Earth, all untouchable by the law, and their slaves, many procured especially to be disposed of in this event, all identifiable by their blindfolds. The masks that the oligarchs wear, with a few variations, are mostly carrion animals, a role model they openly admire.

Vladrushka's intent? To use her daughters, disguised as her own slaves, to blackmail a a charter member of the club, a fugitive director wanted by the FBI and Interpol who's not even supposed to be in America, into at last giving her a new film role, and maybe even an executive producer credit.

Little does she suspect this corrupt celebration is more than just an orgy, and the slaves are meant for more than sex, more even than meat. Her plans may be confounded when the event's true nature is revealed--to crack open reality and let the unspeakable Ones at the Wrong Angle harvest the Earth, enslaving it to the club for a thousand years!

This insanity will all be in a comic. More in Vladrushka & Octobriana: Let Running Dogs Lie, to be continued in the near future.




VLADRUSHKA - A Summer Night at the World Eaters Club (After Pasolini)- Print 1:Color Edition

John Linton Roberson

United States

New Media

Size: 30 W x 14.9 H x 0.1 in

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