Abstract Two Painting by Mirela Iordache

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Interactive on Canvas.

The work is part of a project called Entropy / Entropomorphy.
Like actors becoming directors, the artist goes behind the camera. She leaves aside the
leading role, and lets the shapes, the structures and the colors, come to life.
The canvas and the substrates are the scene, dressed in white, reflection of the almost
perfect order. Enter the paints and the chemicals, characters played by the Entropy, the
one and only actor on the stage of existence itself. They sparkle and diffuze and destroy
one another, colors are shifting and mixing, chemicals react, strands and whirls form and
move arround until they settle in intricate shapes.
The artist director sets the scene and decide upon the characters. Afterwards she withdraws
in the backstage, a loving and caring guide, as any good director, leaving the lead actor
express itself and takeover the applause and the admiration.
And Entropy, the Great Deconstructor, does trill the audience again and again, in a display
of disorder frozen in fascinating irepeatable shapes and colors.
Entropy / Entropomorphy is the embodiment of Entropy.
It is the deconstruction of the traditional media by replacing the traditional tools with the force of chaos contained in guided alterations.



Abstract Two

Mirela Iordache


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