Chaos in everyday life Painting by Florin Coman

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Color, Paint, Found Objects on Canvas, Other.

What I strongly believe is that everyday life is a chaos. I feel everyday life as an endless routine. That is what I have in my head. It affects me in such a way that I thought my work could not escape this feeling. Whatever I would decide to do, chaos in everyday life would affect my work. I thought about it hundreds of times and then said to myself that since I feel this way, something interesting will come up from all this. I will make something interesting.

I began with a quite big painting. I used oil on canvas with paintbrush. I had been working on my painting for three weeks without stop, again and again, until I finally found what I really wanted. Someone cannot actually understand my painting at first sight. It begins with an invitation and then comes the discussion. My purpose is to show chaos in everyday life which in our days is actually very common and acceptable by all of us. Everybody receives it as something natural.

What I find more important is the point one step before and one step after the doing of my painting. To be more precise, is the intermediate zero point. In this point there is an approval and this is how I will continue with my project. I really feel that I still have a lot to give to art.

At the beginning it was really difficult for me. I was quite disappointed with my tutors because they did not actually give us a topic, something specific to work on. But now I realize that this is better, I actually prefer it this way and it has proven that it is much better to decide myself on what I am going to work on. I also believe that I have reached my intentions. I have managed to work on something I find very important in our life and I can see that on my painting.

I think that I could improve my progress if time was not so limited. I did not have enough time to do what I had really in mind. I think that if I had some more time I would definitely have done something better. I would be more satisfied with myself.
Still, it was an excellent experience for me.


Chaos in everyday life

Florin Coman


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