Dance.India Painting by Lena Malejenkova

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

music, rithm, sounds...drums... I painted it a la prima, very quickly, as if this indian girl was longing to be born, to appear on the canvas
So I welcomed her in my Dance Series)

Dance – the most ancient magic that had come down to us. And dancers are the most passionate people, and they are honest in their passion. In the dance, people express themselves most veritably - the body does not lie, and the passion is genuine.
On the streets of Marbella and Havana, Hanoi and Bombay, not great professionals dance, but great performers. They dance in sorrow and in joy, selling pain and sharing happiness with the audience.
I was not planning to paint a series of dances of the peoples of the world. It all came together and was painted spontaneously. Weekend at the sister in Andalusia, vacation with friends in Cuba, New Year in Vietnam, escape from the relaxing Goa in the colorful bustle of Bombay ... all this is accidentally seen and peeped, accidentally inspired. These dancers do not have a high school, but they have a lot of expression and passion. I really wanted to convey that connection with the cosmos that occurs when not a theatrical performance is danced, but improvisation of music, soul and body.





Lena Malejenkova



Size: 27.6 W x 27.6 H x 1.6 in

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