Metallic Deer Painting by Dominic BeDan

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Art Description

Painting: Clay, Gesso, Metal, Enamel, Paint on Canvas.

This is a very heavy texture piece done in all metallics.

How Editions Work:

SE (Standard Edition / Open Editions)

When you buy a print from Saatchi Art, it's automatically considered an Open Edition. That means there are no defined terms on the quantity of prints available for that original piece of artwork. DBA has created a pretty savvy system for art collectors to get more out of their "Open Edition" prints.

All 'SE' Print will be given an unknown deadline. The time range is from 24 hours to 12 months. Once a print has reached it's deadline, it will forever be off the market in that size. DBA will announce the amount of #'ed prints and add the edition number to the Title on Saatchi Art.

All owners of a newly #'ed edition print can send their SE prints to:

DBA: Sign My Print
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I will hand sign your print and give it an individualized edition #. The edition will be logged into our inventory and sent back first class to the collector. Please send $5 PayPal to for return shipping.

AE (Artists Editions):

DBA currently offers AE Prints in a variety of sizes. Artist Edition prints are limited edition prints that the artist (Dom BeDan) has went over with various mediums to create a 1 of 1 piece based off the original painting.

Most AE Prints are hand #'ed to /15 and only offered direct from DBA. Please contact for more information.

Commissions: Looking to make your ideas and vision come to life in my style? Try commissioning me to create a masterpiece perfect for your home. Your own original painting starting at $600+. Contact for more info!



Metallic Deer

Dominic BeDan

United States


Size: 30 W x 30 H x 2 in

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