Reed Painting by Vladimir Padun

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Tempera on Cardboard.

. His works - saturated, colorful, interwoven with deep subtext, reflected the same bright nature of the artist, his endless love of nature and the homeland. An unusual man with an extraordinary world outlook that looked like a wise man (the magician), he looked at things through the eyes of a scientist - studying and remembering everything: "from small to great". Without letting go of the pipe, for months he traveled through villages and steppes, collecting the achievements of Ukrainian culture in his collection (towels, pitchers, paintings, household items, clothes ...). Exploring the world around, the artist did not just see the finished exterior beauty, he looked at the structure of the ii , internal form, from this in his paintings there is a special peculiar style of writing.
Most of all, the artist loved freedom, so all his creative path lay through self-knowledge and his own discoveries in the field not only of painting, but also of personal world perception. All of its findings and unusual techniques, Padoon invented for himself, drawing on his own experience and unique vision. And he constantly shared them with the world. Being in nature a sociable and open to him it was important to pass this knowledge on to others, to enable people to see and understand the world around them from the artistic side.




Vladimir Padun


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