World I find hard to explain Painting by Ahmed Hasan

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Gesso, Color, Pencil, Ink on Canvas, Other.

The artwork is based on my journey as an artist towards trying to understand chaotic, unstable and fragmented world. It is therefore based on following write up I did before doing the artwork:

Laying my marble on walls which themselves are unlaid, I talk to this wind which moves along in endless ways. Grass stirs up and then gets decayed; plains I shovel find no stream to carry my whimpers. I see delays and pauses in what burst and then culminate in this universe, soul rides across those hues. Arches are scraped and displaced as joints of our centuries disengage and disintegrate. Corners are filled with forgone moments, open air swirl in circles and remains tied to emptiness. Attracting all those spaces around, what I connect, revolves and then diminish in me, while robes that hold me plunge in despair

Through these robes I see a world stripped of its own truce. World which I have known, have been so unknown to me. Feathers to fly have often snatched from my glides, roses to savor have prickled me with their thorns. People I had known in moist of many wheezes, in streets of myriad love have been so unknown to me. They are People I find hard to explain, people I find so distant to what I think. Never have I ascended their horizons to witness stars that live and die in me. Never have I hummed on their tunes to bridge so many expressions that remain unexpressed in me.

Strangers they are to my inner deliberation. I have never been liberated for exteriors they unveil. In huddle of their voices, I have lingered my own without any purpose, but never have they been a voice that resounds a purpose to me. Never had I known what happiness is in these corridors, never have I known what these globules pacify for them. Roads I have trekked haven’t journeyed me, trails I have followed haven’t carried me. In those invisible clouts I have been fragment disowned, an erosion unconsoled. Beneath the surface of my furbish, there is tainted isle for you to see, thickened in mist of sorrow there remains a mountain of contradiction that is for no one to see, a sea of restless disposition that is for no depth to ceil. Days go unmarked, nights betray my dreams and I dip and rise in assembly of unanswered questions.



World I find hard to explain

Ahmed Hasan



Size: 42 W x 42 H x 1 in

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