Glass Canvas #40 Photograph by Robert Soucie

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Art Description

Photography: Bronze on Paper.

I was astonished to discover kaleidoscopic new worlds of colour and form when, over a nine-month period, I pointed my camera at the glass buildings towering over downtown Toronto. Almost without exception, what their windows reflected was distorted, contorted, twisted and exploded into surrealistic patterns and colours that took my breath away day after day.

So many variables play a part in these photos: time of day, month and year; camera position; quality of the light; air temperature; type and purity of the glass; the exact plane of the glass within the window frame; the objects and colours in the neighbourhood; and on and on.

This collection — Glass Canvas — presents just a few of these hauntingly beautiful, unique and ever-changing reflections I captured during my safari into the city’s core.

Your turn to be astonished. Or, if you prefer, gobsmacked.

Important Note: I have not digitally manipulated the content of any of the images appearing in this Glass Canvas collection. That is, after any necessary cropping, I didn’t remove any forms, add any forms, or alter any forms. I didn’t alter the colour of any form. Yellows remained yellow, blues remained blue, and colourless forms remained colourless. Post-processing was limited strictly to routine adjustments to items such as contrast, exposure, tonal tweaks, saturation, and the like.




Glass Canvas #40

Robert Soucie



Size: 36 W x 24 H x 0.1 in

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