Awoken Sculpture by Przemyslaw Stanuch

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Art Description

Sculpture: Clay, Environmental, Glass, Paint, Stone on Aluminium, Glass, Stone.

Title: Awoken

Your soul has been awakened after years of sleep. You woke up in a different matter to see everything from a different perspective. Now, when you're a rock you don't have to do anything, you have time to think about the meaning of your previous life, when you will understand everything you'll close stone eyes and be reborn again, nothing remembering, your mind will be clear but somewhere deep in the soul remains the feeling of that. You can bury or uncover it. It is up to you...

In this sculpture I used static spring grass, mouth blown glass human eyes and 36 Citrine crystals. Crystals are known for their healing properties and they emit a positive energy. Citrine are a golden yellow form of Quartz. It is a stone which brings a wealth of happiness, success and can help with self esteem and confidence. This sculpture is not only a great home decoration, it will also improve energy in the room.

It is completly handmade mixed media polymer clay sculpture. Every my creation is unique, never cast molded or replicated. The process begins with a mdf board and handmade metal armature over which polymer clay is sculpted. After adding texture and tiny details I bake the whole sculpture in the oven to harden. After this step all elements are solid and strong.The painting is executed with acrylic. Whole complete piece is matt varnished to intensify color and protect them. In my eyes every my sculpture must be a masterpiece, If something doesn't look good to me I change it no matter how much materials and time it take.

Sculpture is signed and dated at the bottom and comes with certificate of authenticity and care/handling instructions.

Despite appearances these sculptures travel extremely well. I pack them really really secure.

Other images, different angles of this piece are on the left panel.

360° View video of this sculpture here:



Przemyslaw Stanuch



Size: 6 W x 6 H x 6 in

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