"Me and My Shadow" Performance Stained Glass Sculpture by Peter Wiltshire

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Metal, Steel on Glass, Stainless Steel, Other.

This is a work inspired by a holiday in Basel, Switzerland in February 2018. This included the annual Fasnacht festival and many art galleries. This comic character is fashioned inside the curved banks of the Rhine and combines a bit of a Waggis and Picasso. The stainless steel (0.5mm) rod that runs down the whole length gives it some "Swiss quality"!

It is called "Me and My Shadow" due to the main picture showing the shadow cast in sunshine. When I saw this it instantly reminded me of the classic performance of the song by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. It demonstrates exactly why Stained Glass is the Art of Light.

Note, due to inclusion of iridescent and textured glass that reflects light, it performs in all light conditions as is demonstrated in the photos. It is the inclusion of some opaque glass that produces the surprising shadow. Due to its single leg it will sway lightly in drafty conditions producing some interesting effects as it reflects light and projects colour.

Because I have made it with leaded stained glass materials and techniques it is weatherproof and can easily be installed inside or outside by pushing the leg into the ground or into a large pot. The stainless steel spine and leg is marine grade so it will never rust.

Both sides are finished to the same standard. The only difference is that the glass on the reverse side is all smooth and has no iridescence.

The sculpture is 70 cm (27.5 inches) tall and it has a single leg of 30cm (12 inches) making the total length 100cm (39.5 inches). It is 9cm (3.5 inches) wide.


"Me and My Shadow" Performance Stained Glass

Peter Wiltshire

United Kingdom

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