The Self Illusion Sculpture by Maksim Kuznetsov

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The Self Illusion

Maksim Kuznetsov


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Art Description

Sculpture: Plaster, Wood, Acrylic on Other.

This sculpture has been inspired by an ongoing discussion, in both philosophy and some religious practices, on the subject of self. When do we become aware of 'self'? We certainly have little or no sense of self when we are asleep, do we obtain it back when we wake up?

It would certainly be a very different world, rather hard to imagine, if we did not inherit this illusion of self. The boundaries between ourselves and the world around would be nonexistent or very blurred; we would probably feel as an integral part of a bigger universe, bigger and more fluid than inconsistent image of the immediate universe we perceive in our minds. This is all speculation.

Although what is interesting is the reaction we have if we think of losing 'self'. It somehow feels, and the feeling is shared by many other people I discussed this hypothetical scenario, that all is left of us is the shell, container of our body, that acts and reacts but 'I' is no longer there - emptiness and sad reflections on the loss. This is what I tried to represent in my work.