Purushottam Agashe

Purushottam Agashe

Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Purushottam Agashe

Drawing is my hobby.

Lines and curves have great power to express yourself and blank spaces could speak a lot. I am trying to explore various objects, figures, faces, through lines, curves and blank spaces. Drawing is an enjoyable experience which I would like to share with others.

I am very much influenced by the Indian Architecture especially Indian temples, stone carvings, sculptures and temple borders. Being a social worker, I have traveled a lot in rural and tribal parts of India. Hence Women and rural life have also become subjects of my drawings.

In my childhood, I was not inclined towards art. Only after graduation, I started realizing my potential. Ink pen was the suitable medium for me and started drawing small designs. Over the years I have developed my own style of drawing which is very unique in nature. Prima facie, my drawings looks like flat intricate designs, but when one sees it minutely, figures, objects and meanings hidden in the designs come to the foreground and could be explored and enjoyed.

I am Ph.D. in Health Sciences and work for the underprivileged communities through my own Voluntary Organization. I would like to highlight the problems of rural folks through my drawings and also serve people through the sale proceedings.


No formal education in Arts. I am an self made artist. Has learnt the drawing by practicing it for long period.


Participated in Art Exhibition organized by CNKM, Pune 2019, 2018

Participated in Annual Art Exhibition organised by Bombay Art Society at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2011

Participated in Art Exhibition organised by Chitari Academy, Pune 2010