Qais Al-Sindy

Qais Al-Sindy

El Cajon, CA, United States

About Qais Al-Sindy

• Qais Al-Sindy -1967 lives and works in California- USA.


• 2004 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad university / Baghdad
• 2002 Diploma in French language / Cultural French Center / Baghdad.
• 2000 BA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University / Baghdad.
• 1989 B.Sc, college of Engineering, Baghdad University.


Solo Exhibitions

• 2016 February 12th, Solo Exhibition (LOVERS), Alexander Salazar-Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, California, USA.
• 2015 November 5th, Solo Exhibition (You…&I), E C Gallery, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.
• 2014 November 1st, Solo Exhibition (Deferred Dreams), Syra Art Gallery, Washington –DC, USA.
• 2014 October 16, Two Artist Exhibit( Encoded Histories) with Doris Bittar, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego- CA, USA.
• 2014 October, Two Artist Exhibit (Spotlight on Iraq) with Adeeb Makki, Southwestern College, San Diego- CA, USA.
• 2014 March, Solo Exhibition (Return to the Garden of Eden) Iraqi Cultural Center, Washington DC- USA.
• 2013 Sep., Solo Exhibition (Colorful Concepts) Ro’iya Art Studio- Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi of Arabia.
• 2012 Sep., Solo Exhibition (The Struggle for Survival), Foresight Art Gallery/ Amman- Jordan.
• 2012 Jan., Personal Exhibition (Reconciliation with Oneself), Arts Gallery/ Abduallh Salim- Kuwait.
• 2012; Solo Exhibition (Who Knows What the Hoopoe Said?), 4-Walls Art Gallery- Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• 2010 Dec., Solo Exhibition (The Lost Paradise), Orient Art Gallery, Amman-Jordan.
• 2009 Aug.-Sep., Solo exhibition (Endless Peace) at United Nation Headquarter in New York.
• 2009 May, Solo Exhibition (Secrets of the other half), Cirello Gallery, San Diego, California, USA.
• 2008 July, Solo Exhibition (Love and Peace), Endangered Planet gallery, Laguna beach, CA, USA.
• 2007 Solo Exhibition (Letters don’t burn) in Dar Al-Anda Gallery- Amman.
• 2006 Solo exhibition in Fribourg city/ Switzerland, and participated in the conference at University of Fribourg, introducing a lecture about the Iraqi contemporary art.