Radek Smach

Radek Smach

Opava, Europe, Czech Republic

About Radek Smach

My works are included in many Saatchi Art featured

I was born in 1976 in Opava – Czech republic. I studied marketing and economy at VSB-TU University Ostrava. Since 2011 I have been painting under the supervision of the academic painter MgA. Mimoza Botsin and MgA. Petra Raska. I took an inspiring course at the British painter David John Lloyd. Now i work in my studio in Opava.

I focus mainly on abstract expressionism and minimalism.

My works are represented in collections in the USA, England, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Artist statement

My paintings are mainly about clear state of the mind and present moment.
I focus on the impermanent and conditionality of phenomena when the colors are mixed together and everything is constantly changing.

I use handcrafted tools, because i like try new techniques and procedures of the process of painting. My paintings are multilayered with structures.

When I paint, I like the state of the mind when painter, painting and the painting process are the one, with no expectations and hands spontaneously paints the present moment. From this present moment and the state of mind, interesting compositions and paintings are appearing.


VŠB-TU University Ostrava

Painting teachers:
MgA. Mimoza Bocin
MgA. Petr Raška
David John Lloyd


Florence Biennale 18–27 October 2019
8. 1. - 10. 2. 2019 - Gallery Optik Skyjova Opava
7. 3. - 29. 3. 2019 - Gallery Tunkluv dvorec Zabreh
2018 - ART PRAGUE - Clam Gallas Palace Prague
508 Kings Road Chelsea Gallery - LONDON
11.1. - 17.2. 2018 - Gallery Hrivnac OPAVA
2018 - ATELIER ART FEST PRAGUE - Prumyslovy Palace
9. - 11. 6. 2017 - Ateliér ART Fest PRAGUE
22. 7. - 2. 9. 2015 - Roxy/NoD Prague
April 2015 - Galerie U zlatého kohouta Prague
28. 11. - 29. 11. 2015 - ARTFEST České Budějovice
January 2015 Galerie Petra Havířov
June 2015 Galerie U Jakoba Opava
April 2015 - Galerie Mlejn Ostrava
2014 Artfest České Budějovice
2014 Galerie U Jakoba Opava