Raffaello Benedetti Brà

Raffaello Benedetti Brà

Milano, Lombardia, Italy

About Raffaello Benedetti Brà

Born in Verona, where he graduated in Art, he currently lives and works in Milan.
He has been working for ten years as art director for some of the most important international agencies, such as Ted Bates, Spade and Archer, Compton Dupuy, Saatchi & Saatchi. In this period he realized several advertising, some of which selected and published in the Annuals of the Art Directors Club.
Driven by his passion for photography he started a studio in Milan.
Important creative agencies asked him to realize the photographic content of brand campaigns such as Alessi, Barilla, Bulgari, Damiani, Campari, Conte of Florence, Fratelli Branca, J&B, Lacoste, Montblanc, Panerai, and Rolex.
He is specialized in Still life photography, and his artistic background influences his work aiming at reaching a perfect aesthetics. Throughout the years, Raffaello Benedetti Brà transferred such research of beauty from the professional plan to the artistic plan.


Raffaello Benedetti Brà
“What is essential, is invisible to the eyes”

by Vittorio Schieroni and Elena Amodeo

Raffaello Benedetti Brà’s art is a universe to discover with the concentration of a philosopher, the curiosity of an astronomer, and the yearning for discovery of an alchemist. You will see classical sculptures, old-fashioned toys, armillary spheres, tools, and other different objects, arranged in unforeseen juxtapositions in order to create scenes that remind of a theatre stage, as if the artist wanted to narrate a story standing on it. They are works characterized by a strong poetic power and a refined composition.
Silent and still figures stand out in front of an indistinct – almost monochromatic – background, where connections to real space and time are precluded; light sources illuminate them like spotlights, enhancing their shapes and contour. It is a mental dimension where humans are not invited, in order to let thoughts, memory, and dreams flow. These are actual inner landscapes that play with visible and invisible things, light and shadow, reality and ideas, object and symbol.
Raffaello Brà’s works are almost-pictorial compositions for the use of colors; they are shots curated in every detail, as nothing is left to chance. They are still life photographs that root in balance, harmony, and beauty, and they constantly strive to perfection. Raffaello Brà acquired discipline, order, and composure for both details and the whole picture thanks to his experience in the photography field – and not just from an artistic point of view; today, these are the most remarkable traits of his work. They are rooted in art history and traditional culture, and they are brought on an innovative plan with the artist’s digital pictures; classicism passes through modern technology, and the result is an innovative overture for contemporary artistic photography.
Through his works across the present and the past, Raffaello Brà leads the viewer to a metaphysical context that goes beyond reality, inside the essence of things, to something that you cannot immediately perceive through the senses. The artist makes visible what cannot be seen by digging into the deep meaning of things; in this respect, he offers a new point of view, and he rises new questions without definitive answers. This leaves the viewers freedom to interpret what they see based on their past experiences, their memories, opening the mind towards a journey driven by irrepressible imagination.


In the photographs that I realize, reality is transformed through a rigorous work on objects; the choice, the juxtaposition, the description, and the light, never emerge from the logic of reality, but from personal inner visions.

In my work, every object wants to be protagonist, no matter how far or close it is from the focus of attention.
Every object embeds juxtaposition, proximity, or distance in relation to other objects. They are taken out from their regular context and their normal function. They make it to the scene in an indefinite space, where they acquire new symbolism that can be interpreted in many possible ways.

The intention of my work is to evoke silence, calmness, wait, emptiness, disquiet, mystery, and beauty… the graceful state of a poetic moment.

Because of these characteristics, the photographs are closer to paintings than to pictures, even if they are realized employing photographic gear and almost non-existent post-production. The result comes from the shot, with slow steps and many variations.

In order to obtain the composing synthesis, during the composition I take away and replace the objects until every single one becomes irreplaceable.
The aim is to reach an atmosphere that is filled with the austere essence of the objects – where nothing can be added or taken away because every object becomes necessary.


He has exhibited his work in galleries in Milan, Rome, Verona, Ascona, Paris.