raquel yunta

raquel yunta

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

About raquel yunta

Spanish artist, graphic designer, textile designer, and illustrator based in Italy.
I'm a spontaneous artist, inspired by feminine mystery and women's strength. Chinese brushes soaked in ink, markers and felt tip pens are my favorite tools when I draw. When I start drawing I can’t stop. My art practice is driven by an openness to the different possibilities that I find in my way, and a willingness to take on new challenges.

I'm currently living in Firenze with my daughters and my cat.


After I graduated in Advertising in Spain I moved to London where I studied graphic design and multimedia (Westminster College), and where I did a few internships in different Ad agencies. One of the Art Directors I talked with, told me that my hand-made portfolio was a piece of art, and the word Art started to grow in my mind. I moved to Italy, started to paint and draw... and I didn't stop. I took some courses on art but I developed my own style clearly influenced by my Graphic Design background.


My main exhibitions include, Venezia – Biennale 2018 (Private Exhibition); AAF Brussels 2011; Galería Gaudí, Madrid 2011; 13th International Art Exposition, Beijing 2010; FWE Firenze 2009. I painted the backdrops for some music festivals, Il Re Leone, Spiritovivo, Firenze 2012. My paintings can be seen regularly in public places and cultural centers in Madrid and Firenze.

I collaborated with the Postal Art Movement, and with other artists and musicians. My works have also been used in graphic design projects. I have participated in different video art exhibitions, and I was awarded 3rd place in the Florence queer festival 2013.