Davide RATZO Ratti

Davide RATZO Ratti

Milan, Lombardia , Italy

About Davide RATZO Ratti

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera with the highest grades, he obtained a diploma in web design and followed a refresher course in cultural investment policies and art menagement at the Next Stop platform. He founded a punk hard core band in 1997, different ertistic workshops of which the last one in 2007 with the name of Hamsters studio, after 4 years of activity at Artkaemy as a painter and muralist, he lives in Milan and Opera at the spaces of the library Les Mots . In 2006 he abandoned his job as a web graphic designer to devote himself full time to his passion for art.


Liceo Artistico Santa Marta Milano

Liceo Artistico DI Brera '98

Accademia DI Belle Arti DI Brera '05 Maestro d'arte


Prizes and awards
Marinetti 2015-2015 Job Award for the show "Bastard"
3rd Prize Painting, art competition on sailing 2017
1st prize theatrical crossroads, with the show "Bastard" company Mascherenere, and 2016-2017
1st Fidenza Prize Street Art contest October 2016
1st painting section Prize entitled 2013 Prophecies for "Nato Frascà Fund"
2nd place prize "La quadrata" will float The pomegranate from Livorno 2012
2nd place prize "Un mare di pencils" 2013 event dedicated to the world of comics near Albissola (SV)
Special mention for technical research by critics at the biennial YOUNG_SHOWCASE 2013 civic museum Magma
Exhibitions and publications

MAUA Catalog Increased urban art museum December 2017
Online comic "Sbam comics n ° 41"
Online comic for the magazine "Ronin number 7", a brief history
Comic strip "1ncr1n3" by Massimo Faini
Golden city cartoon. Mystery man - season 1 (12 tables) Cagliorstro e-press editions
Catalog Energybox 2015 Skirà
Auction catalog "Sorry for the trouble" Palazzo Isimbardi Milan
Contemporary M-Art Catalog - Villa tittone traversi 2014
Prophecies Award Catalog present "Nato Frascà Fund"
Author ink catalog, Savona Dietro delle Quinte editions
Luci Ombre catalog, curator Mimma pasqua
Catalog Mostrami-4, Milan
Zamenhoff gallery Urban Style catalog
Catalog MIGRA-ACTIONS gallery 10.2, curator Mariarosa Pividori
Collection of poems "Giald and Noir" cox18 books
2 LP co-produced + different compilation participations with the band that founded RFT in 1997


July NH Collection in NH hotel Collective Exhibition - Milano
June July Hotel Mercure Collective Exhibition Fontainebleau- France
May Collective Exhibition Hotel de L'aigle Noir Fontainebleau-France
April Milano Design Week in Nhow Hotel Milano

June - Collective Exhibition at the Galleria dei Nani, at Palazzo Festari, Valdagno
May - Collective exhibition at MAUA for the MAUA event
April - Collective exhibition at Mudec Milan
Collective Exhibition art naviglio award
March - Collective exhibition at Artcademy association
April - Collective exhibition at Zanardi art
October - Collective exhibition at the Fidenza civic gallery
November - Collective exhibition at Hotel Nhow

September - public commission of a mural in memory of Enzo Jannacci with Danis Ascanio, Corsica street at Forlanini stop of S9 line, Milan
Jun - collective exhibition "20th OASIS Osaka & Milano" at Frigoriferi milanesi, Milano
May - collective exhibitiion “Profezie Presenti 2015” at Spazio Oberdan, Milano
May - collective exhibition “Forma Aqua” at Spazio Soderini , Milano
March - bipersonal exihibition “#Don't miss the street” at Asso di Quadri gallery, Milan
February - collective exhibition “Superground in Trip” at Trip Gallery, Brescia
February – collective exhibition at Caroline Springs Gallery, Melton, Victoria, Australia


December - collective exhibition at Moreland Contemporary and Classic Italian Artworks, Victoria Asustralia
December - collective exhibition "Merry street-mas" at Asso di Quadri gallery, Milan
December - collective exhibition at Superground, Milan
November - solo exhibition at La rivendita space, Milan
October - public commission of a mural, Majorana street, Milan
October - solo exhibiton at Pervinca open space, Milan
September - collective exhibition at Ailaviouitaly, Melbourne
September - solo exhibition “Rumore” at 77 Art gallery, Milan
July - collective exhibition at Frida cafe space, Milan
June - collective exhibition at Carducci Cafe, Milan
May - collective exhibition “M-Contemporary Art” at Villa Tittoni Traversi, Desio, Italy
May - Award winner of the event “Un mare di matite” by Albissola Comix
April - collective exhibition "A qualcuno piace jazz" at Il Melograno gallery, Livorno, Italy
April - collective exhibition at Alzaia 34 space, Milan
March - collective exhibition at Willy Art Cafè, Milan
March - collective exhibition "Out of Work 2.0" at Ostello Bello, Milan


December - CON/CORSO BUENOS AIRES Prize, Open Art Gallery, Milan
November - collective exhibition at Buzz gallery, Milan
October - collective exhibition “Inchiostro d’autore” at Priamar of Savona, Italy
September/November - collective exhibition “Luci Ombre” organised by Mimma Pasqua at
Palazzo delle Arti e dei mestieri, Cosenza, Italy
May - Collective exhibition "La quadrata" at Il Melograno gallery, Livorno, Italy
April - 2013 biennial YOUNG_SHOWCASE, Magma Museum, Follonica, Italy
April - collective exhibition "Visibli & Invisibli", self-produced show at Asti 17 Space, Milan


Exhibition “Ambaradam” at Spazio Concept, Milan
Collective exhibition for the association "Lorenzo Furfari","South park" event, Milan
Collective exhibition for the cultural association "Mostra-Mi", Milan
Solo exhibition at Superground
Collective exhibition at Spazio Concept with other artists such as Mork, End, Nais
Collective exhibition at Ariele gallery, Turin


Partecipation at Paratissima, Turin
Collective exhibition at Zamenhoff gallery, curator Rosamaria Desiderio, Milan