Rebecca Trajkovski

Rebecca Trajkovski

Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Rebecca Trajkovski

I am a self taught artist. I have been painting since I was a child and I have always loved art from a young age.

My creations are inspired by my life experiences. In the body of work I have produced you will see themes of love, music, travel, work and motherhood. I have drawn on some life changing moments such as travelling overseas, getting married, and becoming a mother. Experiences which have all influenced my work.

Once I have finished a painting I reflect on what was going on in my life when I produced it. It is only then that I ascertain its meaning. At times I’ll get an urge to create something without knowing why and only come to realise what the painting meant to me once it is finished.

I love the freedom painting gives me to express myself. I enjoy working in various styles and experimenting with my technique. My artistic process varies from painting to painting. Most of my work is not planned before I put paint onto the canvas. This way of working gives me freedom to experiment and get lost in the process of making something special.


Self taught.


The Other Art Fair (Sydney) October 2019
The Other Art Fair (Sydney) March 2019