Rehgan De Mather

Rehgan De Mather

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About Rehgan De Mather

With numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as being selected as a finalist in numerous high-profile awards, Rehgan De Mather has quickly established himself as a young artist to watch.

Since completing his BVA at Monash University Gippsland in 2001 De Mather has held 23 solo exhibitions and been involved in over 30 group exhibitions throughout Australia. He has been selected three times as a finalist in the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, Agendo Art Award, and Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize; twice in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Black Swan Prize for Portraiture, Mount Eyre Art Prize, Prometheus Visual Arts Award, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award, and John Leslie Art Prize, as well as being a finalist in the Araluen Art Prize, City of Whyalla Art Prize, Stanthorpe Arts Festival, Clayton Utz Art Award & the 6th P.A.F International Drawing Biennale. He was a semi-finalist in the arts category of the Young Australian of the Year Awards, and a recipient of a Regional Arts Development Grant through Arts Victoria. He was recently awarded a yearlong residency at Appleton Street Studios courtesy of the Sandra Bardas Studio Grant, and was selected as the 2013 RAW Melbourne Visual Artist of the Year.

De Mather was born in Adelaide, grew up in Sale and currently lives and works in Melbourne.

“Rehgan De Mather’s paintings replicate the traces of industry, and the cryptograms of graffiti, on walls of contemporary spaces. They flash with comic book exclamations, bleed with paint scrawled behind alleyways, and are seared by an essence of New York grit.

Rehgan’s prolific output of work, for such a young artist, seems to be riding on a distinctly serious but fun attitude. His work is exciting because it is raw and has a genuine interest in the noises and signs that clutter urban spaces.”

David O’Halloran, Curator, Glen Eira City Gallery


2001 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Monash University, Gippsland



2015 Semi-Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

2015 Finalist, Agendo Art Award

2014 Finalist, Clayton Utz Art Award

2014 Finalist, Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize

2014 Finalist, Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award

2014 Finalist, Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize

2013 Winner, RAW Melbourne Visual Artist of the Year

2013 Finalist, Mount Eyre Art Prize

2013 Finalist, Stencil Art Prize

2013 Finalist, Agendo Art Award

2013 Finalist, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Award

2012 Achievement Award, Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize

2012 Finalist, Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing

2012 Semi-Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

2012 Finalist, Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing

2011 Finalist, Black Swan Prize for Portraiture

2011 Finalist, Agendo Art Award

2011 Finalist, Archangel Art Prize

2011 Finalist, Art Scene Today Art Prize

2011 Finalist, Mount Eyre Art Prize

2011 Finalist, Prometheus Visual Arts Award

2010 Recipient, Sandra Bardas Studio Grant

2010 Finalist, Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize

2010 Finalist, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship

2010 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize

2010 Finalist, Limestone Coast Art Prize

2010 Finalist, Stanthorpe Arts Festival

2009 Finalist, Black Swan Portrait Prize

2009 Finalist, Agendo Art Award

2009 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize

2008 Finalist, Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize

2007 Finalist, City of Whyalla Art Prize

2007 Finalist, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship

2007 Finalist, Prometheus Art Award

2006 Finalist, John Leslie Art Prize

2006 Finalist, Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize

2004 Finalist, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship

2002 Finalist, Alice Springs Art Prize

2002 Finalist, John Leslie Art Prize

2000 Semi-Finalist Arts Award, Young Australian of the Year Awards

2000 Regional Arts Development Grant, Arts Victoria

2000 Aurora Australis Award, Spiritual Art and the Imagination


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Dancing with Death, Raglan Street Gallery – North Melbourne

2014 Don’t Slow Down, Ten Lawson – Albert Park

2012 M N M L V M X M L (II), Gallery 577 – Fitzroy

2011 M N M L V M X M L (I), Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

2009 Movement Mashes, Linton and Kay Contemporary – Perth

2008 Chinese Whispers and Chain Reactions, Gippsland Art Gallery – Sale

2008 All I Wanted was a Pepsi, Groundfloor Gallery – Sydney

2008 The Last of What’s Left, Jackman Gallery – St. Kilda

2007 I’d Like to Dance With You, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

2007 Overload, Groundfloor Gallery – Sydney

2006 Pretty When You Lie, Artworks Gallery – Southport

2006 Graphic Exploits and Other Gratuities, blank_space – Sydney

2005 Contemporary Leftovers, Latrobe Regional Gallery – Morwell

2005 Boxing Clever, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

2005 Words, Music and Mayhem, Jackman Gallery – St Kilda

2004 Ignite, Jackman Gallery – St Kilda

2003 Nocturnal Selections, Stella Dimadis Galleries – Melbourne

2003 Travelling without Moving, Gippsland Art Gallery – Sale

2003 Art Boy vs. Bar Boy, Switchback Gallery – Churchill

2002 Moderns Gods, Glen Eira City Gallery – Caulfield

2001 Fine Focus: Recent Work, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

Selected Curated Exhibitions

2015 (un)natural, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

2013 A Book About Death, Tweed River Art Gallery – Murwillumbah

2013 Translations, The Melbourne Pavilion – Flemington

2011 6th P.A.F International Drawing Biennale, Steps Gallery – Carlton, Benalla Art Gallery – Benalla

2011 Artist’s for Artist Proof, The Worker’s Club – Fitzroy

2010 Of Snowflakes & Spacetime, T.S.C.G – Port Melbourne

2010 Sweet Streets, 1000 Pound Bend – Melbourne

2010 Grand Opening, For Walls Gallery – Melbourne

2010 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition,Toorak

2008 Matryoshka Principle, Pine Street Gallery – Sydney, Bus Gallery – Melbourne

2008 Hockey Plot, West Space – Melbourne, Gippsland Art Gallery – Sale, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

2007 Going to Town, Blindside Gallery – Melbourne

2006 New Energies, Meeniyan Art Gallery – Meeniyan, West Gippsland Art Centre – Warragul, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr, ARC Gallery – Yinnar

2004 Not for the Dinner Table, Stella Dimadis Galleries – Melbourne

2001 Textual, Gippsland Art Gallery – Sale

2001 Work: Cut, Paste, Paint, Create, Burn, Faculty Gallery – Caulfield

2000 exploring the self, Gippsland Art Gallery – Sale, Nicholson St. Gallery – Bairnsdale, First Site Gallery – Melbourne

2000 Gippsland Centre for Art and Design, Faculty Gallery – Caulfield, Switchback Gallery – Churchill

2000 Beyond Zone 1, Cowwarr Art Space – Cowwarr

2000 It’s a Big, Big World, Faculty Gallery – Caulfield