Renate Hoefer

Renate Hoefer

Breitbrunn am Chiemsee, Bayern, Germany

About Renate Hoefer

Renate lives and works in a small village between the beautiful nature of the lake Chiemsee and the Bavarian alps.
Nature with its organic forms and countless structures is her muse.
The landscape is rich in patterns and she recognizes in it energy codes from life itself.

While drawing she follows her inner impulses, which flow intuitively into a form. She feels simply connected to this life energy during her creative work.

Colors and shapes are full of energy. She is using this profound truth to make a positive statement with her artworks. Round shapes and sensitive color stories are a typical expression. She is well known for her rich pattern design.

The aura of her oeuvre should give the viewer a sensual pleasure. Through the calm charisma it is possible to dive into the energy flow and refuel.

Renate's work spans a range of media including ink drawings, digital processed photos, arts printed on silk and handmade wallhangers.

In 2019 she started with the artproject I SEE YOU – YOU SEE ME. By a spontaneous and creative exchange between the artist and the visitor a matrix full of energy is created. This moment is fixed by a photo.

With a growing number of participants it can be seen as a beautiful symbol how the inner with the outer world is connected. Each individual has an impact on the whole.

Artist statement:

I like to connect things:
- The wool thread to a living textile.
- The line to a flowing form.
- Two colors to an exciting nuance.
- Words to an inspiring statement.
- Colors and shapes to a picture full of energy.


I am different. I simply started as a teenager with handcrafted sweater, from which a fashion brand has grown.

After 12 years I switched to the fashion industry, the last 6 years as a creative director.

Since 2015 I am a free artist and that's how I've always felt. Learning by doing has given me the freedom to keep my extraordinary signature.


• 2020 Design Fair Cologne | I see you - you see me, The RA-AM ARTS Artproject

• 2019 Blickfang Canton of Zurich | I see you - you see me, The RA-AM ARTS Artproject

• 2019 Blickfang Basel | I see you - you see me, The RA-AM ARTS Artproject

• 2018 Gallery m beck | Informel 2.0 | Cologne List

• 2018 Gallery m beck | City Country River | Lausanne Art Fair

• 2017 Galerie m beck | Landscape & Scope | Berlin List

• 2017 Galerie m beck / Death & Dare / Art Karlsruhe

• 2016 Galerie m beck / Plain White Canvas / Lifeact during the art fair Cologne


• 2020 Gallery Ganserhaus Wasserburg a. Inn | Inbetween

• 2018 House of business associations Saarbrücken | Childhood 4.0

• 2017 House of business associations Saarbrücken | Plain White Canvas

• 2016 Gallery m beck | Death & Dare

• 2016 Gallery m beck | NG4

• 2016 Gallery m beck | Plain White Canvas