Yevgeniy Repiashenko

Yevgeniy Repiashenko

Kyiv, Kyivsky, Ukraine

About Yevgeniy Repiashenko

2020 Honorable Mention, 14th Annual Black&White Spider Awards, Fine Art

2020 Monochrome Visions, Viewbug Photo Contest

2020 Gold badge, WPE International Photographers Awards, Fine Art Nude

2020 Silver badge, WPE International Photographers Awards, Fine Art Nude

2020 Choice Award, Viewbug Photo Contest 

2020 Nominee,13th International Color Awards, Nude

2019 Silver badge, WPE International Photographers Awards, Fine Art Nude

2019 Honorable Mention, 12th International Color Awards, Fashion

2019 Honorable Mention, Art Limited Awards, The Movement Competition

2019 Top Shot Award,  Viewbug Photo Contest

2018 3rd Place, 4th 35AWARDS 2018, Nude

2018 Honorable Mention, 13th Annual Black&White Spider Awards, Nude

2018 1st Place, 11th International Color Awards, Photographer Of The Year

2018 1st Place, 11th International Color Awards, Nude

2018 Finalist, Viewbug Photo Contest, Creative Wedding Shots

2017 Honorable Mention, 12th Annual Black&White Spider Awards, Nude

2017 Nominee, Trierenberg Super Circuit , Nude

2017 Nominee, Trierenberg Super Circuit , Portrait

2017 Nominee, Trierenberg Super Circuit , Music&Dance

2017 100 Best photographers of site 35PHOTO, Erotica


Yevgeniy Repyashenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1979. At the age of 20, while studying at the National Technical University, he starts to work with his first SLR camera. He got into portrait and fashion photography, which he explores with glossy magazines and photographers' albums from around the world. After graduation Yevgeniy bases his High-End salon, as he had a great love for music and technology. His time was divided - in the working time he directed the salon, and in the evening he was engaged in photography. For the most part, it was not a commercial, but a fine art photography. He independently studies the perception of the light image and makes post-processing by himself. Step by step he equips his own photo studio and decides to turn his passion into his profession.

His works always reflect poetic beauty, naked grace and harmony. Being fascinated with classical sculpture and Renaissance painting, Yevgeniy finds a new creativity direction - sculpture photography and the plastic movement. Flawless nudity of ballerina's and gymnast's bodies freezes in a fit of dance leaving the strongest feelings and passion in the frame. At first glance, they do not seem real, but sculpted by hands of the master. The models are saying that shooting with Yevgeniy is not easy, but he knows what he wants to achieve, often being a choreographer at his shoots, inventing new images. His SPIRIT series is a combination of the texture of classical sculpture with the filling of modern rhythm and emotions.


2020 KYIV PHOTO WEEK exhibition, Kyiv Ukraine (October)

2019 THIS IS LUST.  Exhibition at STRUCK Contemporary, Toronto Canada (June-July)

2017 SPIRIT – YEVGENIY REPIASHENKO. Personal exhibition at ArtPrichal Gallery in Kyiv (May -June)