Marilyn Bolles

Marilyn Bolles

Stevenson, WA, United States

About Marilyn Bolles

Marilyn began her art career as a medical illustrator at the University of Oregon Medical School. She had a great desire to teach art and returned to school, finishing her fine arts degree at Brigham Young University. Her teaching degree took her to Germany to teach art where she exhibited her paintings and traveled extensively through Europe. Returning to Oregon, she married. Her husband's employment took them to the Oregon Coast, Alaska, Pennsylvania and Washington where she continues to paint and exhibit her work. Somewhere along the way she and Bob reared six creative children. Marilyn has traveled to Naragansett, Rhode Island to document historical landmarks with her watercolor renderings.

​Marilyn's work reflects the "plein-aire" style. Her chosen medium is watercolor because it is so sensitive and so many variables exist to create great challenges ("a lot like raising those kids"). The task of creating a balance of light and dark, positive and negative spaces have become important aspects of her renderings. She looks beyond the obvious to bring a moment of beauty not always seen by the observer.


BA, Teaching and Fine Arts, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Postgraduate studies at Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland State University, Portland, Oregon


Featured regularly at the annual exhibition "Artists of the Gorge" in Stevenson, Washington