Ray DiCecco

Ray DiCecco

EASTON, PA, United States

About Ray DiCecco

I am a painter and have worked most of my career with water mediums on paper. I’ve always chosen paper because it has a quality and presence that is more unique than any other painting surface. It does not serve me as an alternative to canvas. Paper, in and of itself, is essential in the evolution of the final image; in fact, the way the paint blends and integrates with its cotton fibers reflects the gist of my vision. Layering transparent washes of color on paper can capture the sublime in nature; in that merging of materials there’s a chemistry that defines humanness. Here is where I believe I’ve made the most significant contribution to the painting arts.

The subconscious holds the most fascination for me. I’m obsessed with the internal landscape as a universal theme that shows the vast spectrum of the mind. There we can sense the vagaries of a watery world shaded with instinct and emotion— those myriad scenes from the psyche rooted in symbols, like waves of faces or figures intertwining in the river of self and otherness.

My paintings become veritable maps where persons might use them as points of reference, inspiration for that journey through hidden layers with the goal of a clearer understanding of themselves.

Both water and paper live and breathe in symbiosis. I move them together, caress and provoke them, a virtual foreplay... an improvisation that finally merges organically to spew images. But I need to give of myself first, pay homage to the water’s currents, that struggle between control and the freedom to allow her movement of its own accord. There lies the mystery of mark making— conceding to her flow, where in so doing she reveals the terrain of my own subconscious.

By ‘organically’ I mean how water on paper creates multifaceted gestalts.
We live in a fluid world; the physics of hydrodynamics is all pervading. There’s an organics of the natural world as well as the world of the psyche. Like every organ in our bodies, the brain, too, is shaped by water, and our most intimate life is the result of its action. We can say that our psychology is synonymous with the soul of water.

My personal language of abstraction with watered papers captures the wordless— those archetypal forms, pockets of energy erupting with sensuality, and their flowing pools, like substance become living organs— my work shows the guts of our own psyches.


Pennsylvania State University


Recently participated in group shows at Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA; Baum School of Art, Allentown PA; Connexions Gallery and Brick & Mortar Gallery in Easton PA
Earlier participated in group shows at Atmosphere Gallery, New York, NY; Andrew Miller Gallery, New York NY; KFMK Gallery, New York NY


* Indicates Solo Shows

2019 FALL, Connexions Gallery, Easton PA

2017 EIGHTIES REVISITED Part 1, Baker Cntr., Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA

2017 EIGHTIES REVISITED Part 2, Baum School of Art, Allentown PA

2016 CITY ARTISTS, Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton PA

2015 SELECTED ARTISTS, SeeMe Digital, Louvre Museum, Paris, FRANCE

2014 YEAR IN REVIEW, SeeMe Exhibition Space, New York NY

2013 EXPOSURE, SeeMe Exhibition Space, New York NY

2013 NYC MOM SHOW, ChaShaMa 461 Gallery, New York NY

2012 *FACE DREAMS, ChaShaMa 461 Gallery, New York NY

2012 *VISAGE & EXPRESSION, Tenri Cultural Institute, New York NY

2012 MISSIONARY, Suddenly Samantha, Easton PA

2012 NEW ARTISTS, William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor NJ

2012 HEADSTRONG, Salon Show, New York NY

2009 OCTOBER REMAINS, Eclectic Gallery, Jacksonville IL

2007 *SELF PORTRAITS, Time Life, New York NY

2006 SKARRY NITE, KFMK Gallery, Chelsea NY

2002 NEW PAINTERS, Andrew Miller Gallery, Long Island City NY

2001 NEW DIRECTIONS, Gale Martin Gallery, Chelsea NY

2000 VISIONS, Atmosphere Gallery, Chelsea NY

1997 *PLANETS II, Rodale, Emmaus PA

1997 MAYFAIR, Baker Center for the Arts, Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA

1996 *PLANETS I, Pelak Studio, Allentown PA

1993 WORKS ON PAPER, Heilender Gallery, New York NY

1991 *STATIONS COUPLES CROSSING, Moose Exhibition Space, Allentown PA

1991 CURRENT TRENDS, Bauhaus Gallery, Baltimore MD

1988 *AN EXISTENTIAL ROMANCE, Open Space Gallery, Allentown PA

1987 *EARTH WATER SKY, Wilbur Springer Gallery, Allentown PA

1987 *PALMS PERSPECTIVES, Americus Center, Allentown PA

1984 JURIED, Allentown Art Museum, Allentown PA

1981 NEW ARTISTS, William Ris Gallery, Hershey PA

1979 NEW ARTISTS, William Ris Gallery, Hershey PA

1975 *CROSSING WATERS, Pennsylvania State University, Uniontown PA

1974 *LANDSCAPES, Pennsylvania State University, McKeesport PA

1974 NEW ARTISTS, Kingpitcher Gallery, Pittsburgh PA

1974 NEW ARTISTS, Vendo Nubis Gallery, Philadelphia PA

1973 *WATER SPIRIT, Nexus Gallery, Pittsburgh PA