Robyn Louisell

Robyn Louisell

Independence, MO, United States

About Robyn Louisell

I like to utilize charcoals, conte crayons, pastels and acrylics. My art is a reflection of my life's experiences, what I see around me and my dreams. I do abstract, surreal and some miscellaneous works. Something in particular that I like to make unique to my style is the use of glitterization in acrylics and lately I've developed a method with oils in the blending processes. A few individuals that collect my work are smitten with my style. I appreciate it immensely when they can guess what was on my mind when painting certain works - then I tell them they are right. Deja Vu - voila! I like to blend my own colors when I can't find what I want to use so I just mix and blend my own.

I occasionally play with fractal and digital images. Recently I have been in the process of moving all of my photography over to the Saatchi online Gallery.


Associate of Applied Science Medical Assistant - Colorado Technical University - North Kansas City, MO
Associate of Liberal Arts - MCC - Kansas City, MO
Current Education University of Missouri - Kansas City - Major is undecided at this point.