Robin Jorgensen

Robin Jorgensen

Dallas, TX, United States

About Robin Jorgensen

My work explores the relationship between technology and conventional art. I pull the viewers into my mixed media collage work by taking them on a journey through balanced compositions and color combinations with photography, digital techniques and traditional painting.

My current series is inspired by nature and the classic urban street scenes bringing together the energy and the variety of the world around us.

For me, each new piece of artwork that is created, is a magnificent treasure lying wait to be discovered at the hands of the artist. An uncharted road trip with u-turns and back roads along the way ending in a beautiful destination, the finished piece.

My artwork is held in private collections worldwide.


Self Taught
Various art workshops and educational seminars


Tropicana Cabaret 9th annual Palette to Palate Charity Event


The Other Art Fair - Dallas, TX Sept 2019
Castle Hills Art and Wine Walk - Sept 2017
Fairview Art Fair - May 2015