Rob van Hemert

Rob van Hemert

The Hague, Province of South Holland, Netherlands

About Rob van Hemert

Little did I know that when I frequented the Art Academy and losing my soul and mind into art - while listening to the sounds of Jazz by Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy and so many more. That the sounds of this almost abstract music would so much influence my art. The fact that I also simultaneously studied architecture, has forever shaped my image of art.

In the beginning of my fulltime career as an artist, I expressed my art in many ways. Each time applying different disciplines and using different media. Each expression – often under various pseudonyms – marks meaningful stages in my life. And each stage was a motivation for the next art expression. Each art expression is a new path.

Eventually, I noticed that I always end up into geometric patterns.
Its simplicity expresses an indescribable tension. I never become bored with the symmetry of geometric patterns. Its simplicity expresses to me an indefinable tension. The geometry is always evident. Indeed, the use of these patterns leads me to reach yet further levels of simplicity.

I continuously search for a "haven', just as often found as abandoned, venting emotions and freeing myself through expression.

The creation of geometric artworks feels like the ultimate way to explore all of my dreams.

The spectator is invited to give his/her own interpretation of my art. It is my ultimate inner need for creativity that gives me the freedom and the richness of life. My art is meant to positively inspire the perceiver and to enrich those who enjoy my art in such a way that their dreams can float freely with and within the patterns of my abstract art.

For example, I personally prefer my wire art to be free of frames so that it can be exposed in every possible angle. However, everybody is completely free to frame the artwork in a way that reflects the personal interpretation. That is part of personal freedom, which I hope providing each and every one.


Free Art Academy, The Hague
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Polytechnic Institute (Architecture), The Hague.