Rogier Maaskant

Rogier Maaskant

Rotterdam, Netherlands

About Rogier Maaskant

After 20 years of 'practice' my pictures have become the mix that I prefer the most: straightforward poetic reality. Some of the work presented here dates back from 15-20 years ago. Strong images last. Good pictures even get better when they age.

Besides photography I've initiated and managed the following projects I thought were important. See event list.

When you decide to buy one, or more, it would be nice for me to get in contact with you. You can reach me at my email address:

In 2011 Chenao Solis from Saatchi asked me some Q's for the Behind the Canvas Section. It's not on the website anymore but here's part of the Q's & A's:

Behind The Canvas: Saatchi Online Interview With Rogier Maaskant

What equipment do you shoot with and why?
Last few years I shoot mainly digital. I used two bulky Fuji 6×9 cameras a lot that still are my favorites because they are completely mechanical. I like that. They are very fast to operate. Except when you have to change a role of film of course. Today the 220 rolls became a bit too expensive for me to shoot with at the rate I use to do. A pity, but in the end it is not about what you take pictures with, but what you take pictures of.

What role does the photographer have in society or do you perceive it this way?
My idea is that the ‘role’ I play is to point out things that surprise me, that seem important enough to look at it longer than an instant. It could be triggered by a particular sensitivity for a certain kind of beauty or by an intriguing moment or person. If I am touched, or mildly mesmerized by him, her or something, why wouldn’t others be?

Please name one of your most admired photographers…
At this point in time I don’t really have one photographer that I admire so much that I would mention him or her in particular here. In my early days there’s been a whole range: from Sophie Calle and Breitner to De Keyzer, Van der Elsken, Salgado, Reims, Cartier-Bresson, Sternfield, Gursky, Winogrand, Friedlander and Parr (especially his book Bad Weather, which in my opinion still is the best book he has done).

Describe an inspiring moment or incident in your life.
What a difficult question this is. There’s lots. What about this I’view.

What is the most dominant memory of your childhood?
My almost drowning when I was 2 ½ years of age. At the same time this is my first memory of life. Funny; I almost died and still I can remember every detail as vivid as it was only yesterday. Without any picture of the event.

What do you enjoy about the process?
Of photographing you mean? The playfulness definitely! And the surprise of the magic of photography to show things almost more detailed than you can see in reality. It is a bit like a play on a stage: the ‘story of life’ becomes condensed and magnified, so there’s a chance for all to relate to it.

What themes do you pursue?
Hmm… I’ve been wondering about that for a long time. Maybe the same answer I’ve mentioned before: to play. Maybe in some way the wish to connect also. Furthermore I’ve always been drawn to images of people that are alone. That is a representation of me myself, I suppose.

How has your practice changed over time?
Maybe I’ve been too much influenced by the idea that you have to be ‘original’ to really make a contribution of any importance to the world of (art)photography as we know it. That made me insecure about lots of things – not only photography – which would be really devastating for the creative process if it plays too big a role in your practice. But then again: some insecurity keeps you alert to other possibilities than the ones you are familiar with. In recent years I found out that there is more out there than photography, that I could be good at. I like writing, drawing, poetry and movie-making. Ideas keep popping up in my head that are worth investigating.

What makes a great image?
I. An interested, intrigued, pleased, and sometimes annoyed or shocked viewer. II. A great story to tell along with a not that grand image. III. An image never seen before.


1993-1997 Royal Academy of Art The Hague, the Netherlands
1990-1993 Architecture Polytechnic Faculty Rotterdam


2013 - Clothes Drop Syria. Humanitarian aid project for Syria with drop of points for (children's) clothes at 7 Art Academies and 40 other locations. In 3 weeks time over 40 tonnes of aid was collected and shipped to Syria.

2010: Art Flow for Pakistan, a benefitial Art Auction held at the NAi in Rotterdam. Together with more than 30 volunteers and almost a 100 artworks we raised more than 17.000 euros. The auction was set up in just over 5 weeks. Only 200 euro's was spent on overhead costs. (Dutch only..sorry!)

2010: RotDocFotoFest 'Close to Home' - Rotterdam
1st Rotterdam Documentary Photography Festival in collaboration with 10 guest-curators

May 2010: Dagboek Charlois, (Charlois Diary), bookproject with images and literary texts contributed by 18 adolescents from the neighboorhood Charlois, Rotterdam.
In collaboration with 8 Rotterdam based writers/poets.

2009 'Orbis Pictus Caravanus' - Naarden 2009
A travelling exhibition in a mobile home with an ever changing view on the world.
with work by Ayatollah Musa, Paul Versteeg and Bosz de Kler


2017 - Screening 'Following Butterflies' Butterflies in slow motion. Museum of Natural History, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2011 - exhibition IFFR portraits - Rotterdam -

April 2009: 'RogierSchietMotten' - 'RogierShootsMoths'
a selection of pictures of moths (Trichoptera)
Museum of Natural History, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Nov 2007: SML, exhibition to celebrate the 325th birthday of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
in cooperation with Guus Rijven and Susan van Hengstum

May 2006: W139/Basement, Amsterdam

Nov 2004: 'Rotterdam Bevalt' - Exhibition of 30 portraits of famous people from Rotterdam
Gallerie 'Vips-Art' Rotterdam
Sponsored by Art Lab Rotterdam

Dec 2001: Exhibition at gallerie 2 1/2 x 4 1/2, Amsterdam

Dec 2001: Dutch Photography Institute, presentation of SEC 08

May 2001: Longlist Prix the Rome - Photography.

Okt. 2000: Exhibition gallerie 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 Amsterdam
Sponsord by Art Lab Rotterdam

Juli 1998: Nieuwe Oogst. ' New Harvest'
Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort.

Sept 1997: People of the City, Krefeld


2009 PUBLICATION, bi-annual printed publication by Nick Turpin, UK

2004 Rotterdam Bevalt, 30 interviews with famous people from Rotterdam
Publisher: Uitgeverij Kapstok

2002 Prix de Rome 2002, Uitgeverij 010 Publishers, Rotterdam

2001 Panl Awards # 11, Portfolio series: Silver
People: Silver & Gold

2001 Camera Austria, Forum no. 75

2001 SEC O8

2000 Catalogus Search For Art 4.0, for

1999 SEEN - Canon Magazine, portfolio 'kids'

1998 Camera Austria, Forum. No. 62-63

1996 European Cultural Foundation, Images Of Europe